Say It Right 3

Marking his original sophomore production of 2022, burgeoning talent The Indiigo Child returns to the release radar with his latest sonic endeavor, ‘Say It’s Alright,’ featuring vocals from Lynett Nayade. The new offering switches gears stylistically, with The Indiigo Child’s newfound house production sensibilities at the forefront. The track follows up his first single of the year, ‘Sos Code,’ and serves as Lynett Nayade’s debut feature. ‘Say It’s Alright’ is due for release on August 19 across all streaming platforms.

Keeping its momentum with ease, The Indiigo Child’s latest offering serves a sound that’ll leave one wanting more from the talent. The four-on-the-floor tune begins with a pulsating beat, providing a heady touch that is maintained throughout its entirety. The energetic opus is driven towards a classic house sound infused with heavy basslines and serves a catchy rhythm and atmospheric touch. Building a propelling ambiance, Lynett Nayade’s smooth vocals pair flawlessly alongside The Indiigo Child’s enthralling production with hard kicks and an irresistible groove. With a vocal cut expressing a sense of yearning and softness, ‘Say It’s Alright’ takes listeners into a palpably raw, lush soundscape.

Continuing to establish his vision and music, The Indiigo Child is preparing to enter a new phase in his career with a slew of releases and projects down the line. With ‘Say It’s Alright’ serving as another stellar example of his infectious sound design, the latest further cements the producer as one of dance music’s finest rising talents. 

the indiigo child

About The Indiigo Child

Rising talent The Indiigo Child is a San Francisco-based producer known for his refreshing take on dance music. With a range of electronic synth-laden tracks and hard-hitting beats, the newcomer’s unique sound design sets him apart in the world of electronic music. 2018 saw the release of his debut EP, “Renegade Voyager,” followed by a slew of high-energy hits, delivering his signature eccentric sound. Now showcasing his vision for the future of the dance genre, the up-and-coming producer is embarking on a musical journey to expand his musical capabilities and carve his path as an artist to watch as he shares his creative vision with the world.

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