India’s Sriya Lenka is Now a Member of K-Pop Girl Band BlackSwan Group

Who is Sriya Lenka

Odisha-born Sriya Lenka has become the fifth member of South Korea’s all-girl band ‘BlackSwan Group,’ making her the first Indian to be part of K-Pop.

The BlackSwan K-Pop group started in 2011 as Rania before becoming BlackSwan in October of 2020. The four-member group consists of Korean singer and leader Youngheun, Faou, the Senegalese singer-rapper-model from Belgium, Larissa Ayumi Cartes Sakata Leia, and Korean dancer and singer Judy. BlackSwan released their first single album, ‘Close to Me,’ in 2021.

As for Sriya, she was born in the Rourkela district of Odisha in 2003. Sriya Lenka is a trained classical, hip-hop, freestyle, and contemporary performer, learning and practicing dance forms since she was 12.

Her journey to becoming a K-Pop star one day started in 2020 when she auditioned for many K-Pop groups. She was shortlisted for training in Seoul, where she trained for five months. On Thursday, Sriya was chosen as the fifth member of the group.

As far as the language is concerned, Sriya started online language courses during the lockdown and watched a lot of Korean dramas to get a grasp on the country’s culture.

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