Spotify launches live audio app Greenroom, a stack up against Clubhouse

Spotify launches live audio app Greenroom

Spotify announced its acquisition of the company Locker Room, a sports-focused audio chat app to fasten its entry into the market of live audio apps. Now the company is geared up with its new launch Greenroom. Spotify has a new live audio application – Greenroom, that will enable its users to join or host live audio chat rooms worldwide and turn those interactions into podcasts. Spotify will also announce Creator Fund that will help power the new app with more quality content in the upcoming days.  

Based on the Locker Room App code, Spotify Greenroom App can be easily understood if called as a Clubhouse rival that people can use to interact with their favorite music artists and creators. Apart from this, Spotify launched Greenroom as a Clubhouse competitor and stated that Locker Room’s interface will be updated and redesigned to rebrand it for its users for a whole new experience. As Locker Room’s theme was white and reddish orange in color, the new Greenroom app looks a lot like the current Spotify music app, having the exact same color palette and fonts and iconography.  

Users will have to log in to the new app by using their Spotify’s credentials and account information. After that, they will be passed through the new onboarding experience to connect to their interests. As of now, the process of searching for live audio app and audio programs to listen to will rely on users joining and connecting groups in the app itself. This is somewhat similar to the Locker Room application, where the users were to look for and follow their favorite sports team. But groups of Greenroom are more generic as it’s no longer only about sports.   

Let’s talk about the features of Spotify’s new app- Spotify Greenroom. It is giving a tough competition to the other apps offering live audio features like Clubhouse, Spaces from Twitter and Live Audio Rooms from Facebook. Also, for the new users, it can be known as an alternative to Clubhouse App.  

  • Speakers in the live audio room are going to appear at the top of the screen with their circular profile pictures, whereas listeners will appear below with smaller icons.  
  • Mute, moderation controlling and bringing listeners on the speaking panel during a live audio session are some of the major features that a Spoitfy user can explore.  
  • A room can host maximum 1000 members now, but Spotify is planning to scale up this number in the future.  
  • A feature to applaud the speakers in both Locker Room and Greenroom is to give the speaker a ‘gem’ in the app. 
  •  The number of gems a speaker earns, it keeps adding next to profile icon of the speaker.  
  • Another feature is the live text chat feature, where the host can turn on or off the live text as per their convenience.  
  • Hosts can also request to have the audio file of the live session after it has been ended, which can then be used to make a podcast episode later.   

After the features, moderation is an area where Clubhouse has also struggled sometimes. As if a user reports something in the Greenroom, Spotify will investigate the matter to find out why it was reported in the first place. Many users on Clubhouse reported toxicity and real-time abuse in the app audio session itself. Which includes troubles around misogyny and racism and causing discomforts to users. Spotify states that the moderation of its new app, Greenroom, will be handled by its current moderation team. But the boost or decline of users will depend on how quickly Spotify will react to such sensitive matters and look deep into its code of conduct.    

Spotify Greenroom App is live and is available on Android as well as iOS across 135 markets all around the globe.   


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