Robbie Williams to release two albums in 2023

Robbie Williams to release two albums in 2023

Photo Credits: Robbie William’s Official Instagram Page @robbiewilliams

Robbie Williams is all set to release two new albums in 2023. The singer of “Rock DJ” claimed he had recorded many songs for his side project Lufthaus, but he wants to concentrate on that as a “live entity” for the time being.

But the former Take That member will release many new songs soon.

“I have got two albums coming out pretty soon. I have a vault of new Lufthaus stuff. I could do three albums of it as Robbie Williams, but new stuff gets written, and you get excited about that. I want to put an album out before the summer,” he said.

The 48-year-old pop musician is working on several new projects, one of which is a follow-up to his dance album “Rudebox,” produced by Mark Ronson and featuring the Pet Shop Boys.

“I am not sure if there will be a Lufthaus album. We are trying to figure out what live entity Lufthaus is. We (Lufthaus) did Ibiza, and everybody goes mad, and the DJ said, ‘They love us, mate.’

“I would like to do a ‘Rudebox 2’ (as well), but I change with the wind.”

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