‘Hua Tera’ by Reshabh Chhabra and Narayan Sethi is out now!

‘Hua Tera’ by Reshabh Chhabra and Narayan Sethi is out now!

GrooveNexus dropped its latest song, ‘Hua Tera’ on its official YouTube channel, GrooveNexus Records. Sung by Reshabh Chhabra and produced/composed by Narayan Sethi. The lyrics are penned by the duo Reshabh Chhabra & Narayan Sethi.

The multilingual singer/songwriter/music producer, Reshabh Chhabra, says that the song is a short confession of love for someone he used to like back in the day.

“On one fine day, Narayan sent me a very basic arrangement of a beat, and immediately, I had a melody in my head that I wanted to record on the song. Then, in the course of two weeks, we completed the song. While writing it, I imagined a story of two people in love, and one is ignorant about the other’s confession of love,” Reshabh Chhabra said.

He has been in the entertainment industry for around eight years now. Some of his songs, like ‘You’re the One,’ and ‘Inaayat,’ went viral on Instagram reels. His music has also been featured in magazines and e-portals like Rolling Stone India, Radio and Music, Music Beat 24×7, etc. They were aired on multiple radio channels like 93.5 Red FM and 91.1 Radio Mirchi. His music videos have reached over 10 million people nationwide and have over 2 Million streams across all platforms. Chhabra was also seen on television on the SongDew TV channel.

The multi-genre Indian music producer Narayan Sethi started in 2015, aiming to perform on the main stage as a DJ. As time passed, he realized he wanted to connect to the audience as much as he could, so he started making electronic music and never looked back. He released his first cover song of “My life is going on” with Faithroze in 2020, and before that, he did many bootlegs of various tracks, which were supported by some significant promotional channels like Taz Networks & YUYU1162. He recently released his latest single, “Show me the Way,” with the renowned NCS artist Harley Bird on Simplify and is featured on Music Crowns and WEDM for his work. Narayan has over 10 Million streams across all streaming platforms.

“Narayan wanted to showcase his unique EDM sound while I added the authentic Indian vibe through my lyrics and singing style, yet we both wanted to keep the indie vibe alive too. Hence, Hua Tera is an amalgamation of our styles and is now the song you have!” shared Reshabh.

Key things to remember:

Release Date: 3rd March 2023

Released exclusively on: GrooveNexus Records

Availability: Spotify, Jiosaavn, Itunes, Wynk, Gaana, Amazon Music, Youtube Music, etc.

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