Rapper J Lock collaborates with R&B icon RL for new single ‘Selfish’

Rapper J Lock collaborates with R&B icon RL for new single 'Selfish'

Photo Credit: Stoner Road Music Empire LLC

The latest song from up-and-coming musician J Lock, “Selfish,” features renowned American R&B vocalist RL and is released through Stoner Road Music Empire LLC. The new song features witty bars and a beautiful R&B feel that highlights J Lock’s flexibility, lyricism, and RL’s extraordinary musical talent. For nostalgic listeners, a play on a production style from the late 2000s combined with rap is the perfect blend.

The song combines RL’s special brand of enticing rhythms, silky harmonies, and passionate vocals. With its moving lyrics, enduring melodies, and dramatic imagery, the song captivates listeners with its compelling meditation on love, the ego, and the human experience.

“In my 25 + year career, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with established hip hop greats like Tupac, Big Pun, Naughty By Nature, and Rick Ross. It’s been an honor to add a future legend like J Lock to this impressive list,” said RL.

Since 2021, J. Lock has gained more recognition in the music industry for his songs that combine gangsta rap with melodies for women. The recording artist, born in Mississippi, has been developing his craft in Atlanta. In 2021, J. Lock released his debut EP Typa SZN, which included the standout song “City Life,” where he declared his entry into the game. Later, he would release “On Deck,” a challenging and upbeat street hymn in which he raps about the hustle and grind.

“We’re excited to share this single with the world. You can expect real authentic music. A rap and R&B essence from the track followed by melodies and dope lyrics. It’s a really nice hit,” J Lock said.

J Lock and RL continue to blur the lines between rap and R&B music with their most recent album.

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