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Raheem DeVaughn Unveils ‘Fall In Love’: A Winter Soundtrack Continuing the R&B Love Saga

As we enter the final few weeks of fall and the dating world settles into “cuffing season,” the Four Time Grammy Nominated Recording Artist, Raheem DeVaughn, has once again crafted the perfect soundtrack to carry his fans through the winter months. Globally available now, Fall in Love picks up where Raheem’s previous 2023 release Summer of Love left off, often by reimagining some of the songs presented on the original.

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Where the first volume in this collection found the Love King of R&B at his most sensual painting soundscapes that both allow and encourage fans to lean into their wild side; Fall in Love leads listeners towards more meaningful connections, creating a safe space to foster and nurture love. Supporting Raheem’s poignant songwriting and powerful vocal production is viral sensation OG New, who simultaneously lays out the perils of the single life and reminds those seeking love to approach it with their eyes wide open.

The Fall In Love track list is a testament to Raheem DeVaughn’s musical prowess and his ability to manipulate words and sounds to evoke a specific mood. The project primarily consists of alternate and remixed versions of the songs on his previous release. However, with the support of Kenny Allen and Ari O’Neal; appearances by lyricists ADE and Scienze; and spoken word artist Ra Brown, Raheem presents each song as a brand-new production, shifting the energy through simple technical details like tempo and vocal inflections.

“Fall In Love is my latest offering with a twist of Soul/R&B fused with a futuristic 90s nostalgia. It is my ode to my loyal fans and is a continuation from the instant classic, Summer of Love. This new release aims to appeal to all of the senses and to have listeners and fans alike reminded that love is the highest vibration,” says DeVaughn.

Raheem also uses this project to announce his upcoming tour, which will find the D.C. native performing at intimate venues across the country, beginning on December 9, 2023 in Napa, CA. Tickets can be found at Details and updates about the tour can also be found by following the singer’s Instagram, @raheem_devaughn.

About Raheem Devaughn:

Those spit-shined, ready-for-show time, “soul man” designer kicks sported by classic R&B’s all-time “Men of Soul Hierarchy” – men with first-name recognition like Sam, Smokey, Marvin, Stevie, Teddy, Al, Luther, or Donny — are indeed mighty, one-of-a-kind, time-tested, unforgettably soulful shoes to fill….and shoulders to stand on. While more than a few (in recent times) may have laid claim to the keys to the long-cherished, ever-evolving rhythm & blues “kingdom,” in times of shortened attention spans, pop’s quick-fast trend turn-over rate and R&B/soul’s perceived latter-year crossroads, it may take more than that dependable gospel background, romantic Quiet-Storm-official crooning, signature heart-on-his-sleeves vulnerability, undeniable hit songs and an arsenal of wide-ranged vocal riffs and runs in his back pocket to rule the king’s court. On the contrary, claiming that slot as R&B/soul’s preeminent, premier “Man of Song” may take someone with an expansive, instinctive knowledge of the genre, genuine love of the culture and dedication to its authenticity, an “R&B Renaissance Man” of sorts…. someone like soul-deep, R&B chart mainstay, three-time Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter/DeVaughn Enterprises CEO, Raheem Devaughn.

“I want to be known and have a name for being a contributor to the culture of R&B and soul music,” flatly states R&B lovers’ very own “the Love King.”
More than living up to his promise of keeping listeners consistently and soulfully engaged with seemingly marathon recording and steadily first-rate musical output, Raheem DeVaughn does not disappoint.

From Fall in Love, in the fall of 2023, to Summer of Love, released in the summer of 2023, to Raheem DeVaughn Presents From Lust Till Dawn, his body of work continues to set musical trends. These projects follow the momentum created by his two-part set, 2018’s Decade of a Love King and 2019’s Love Reunion, as well as Billboard Adult R&B chart hits like Just Right,” “Don’t Come Easy” and “What It Feels Like.” “Everything about this album has been totally organic, nothing was forced, and I feel like that’s the way it has to be,” he states of his commitment to quality music. “Ideally we’re finding and creating new fans.” Although there may be little more convincing left to do amongst faithful core supporters who have followed his journey and listened to his artistry develop since the Newark, NJ native and Maryland resident, arrived on the music scene with his Jive Records debut set, The Love Experience (2005). Having already paid his dues throughout the Washington, D.C.-area club circuit, RAHEEM (the son of the late veteran jazz cellist Abdul Wadud) achieved a major breakthrough with his sophomore release, 2008’s Love Behind the Melody, which not only hit #1 on Billboard’s Top 10 R&B/Hip-Hop Album charts, but garnered two Grammy nominations (Best R&B Song for “Customer;” Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for “Woman”), one BET Award and two BET J Virtual Awards (“Male Artist of the Year” and “Album of the Year”). 2010’s A Place Called Love Land maintained the momentum, earning him yet another Grammy nomination (“Best R&B Album of the Year”) and more popular singles (i.e., “You”). As the music industry landscape went through its changes, RAHEEM took the bold step of going independent and taking the reins of full creative control starting with the 2013 release of A Place Called Love Land and seamlessly continuing with 2015’s Love, Sex & Passion, which impressively charted at #4 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album charts, #2 on Billboard’s Independent Album chart and #31 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart. His trilogy-instigating Decade of a Love King continued that long-building momentum, resulting in two charts hits and an NAACP Image Award nomination.

Conclusively, anyone bestowed with the title of R&B/soul’s “king” moving forward may need more than a substantial following and a self-serving “greatest hits” playlist of hits, but a desire to uplift and revive the long-beloved genre while cultivating the culture. As Raheem DeVaughn continues to press forward in music, radio, podcast, films, and mostly all other musical endeavours, dues-paying veteran vocalist RAHEEM DEVAUGHN more than proves he’s qualified for the crown. “R&B and soul music is alive and well!” affirms the award-winning song stylist. “It’s great to be able to associate and use my brand to put on great talent. That’s where I’m at in my life and what I want to be known for.”

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