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BIJOU and Mahalo Unite to Unveil Electrifying Summer Anthem: “The Way We Touch” 

Renowned DJ, Producer, and founder of Do Not Duplicate Recordings label, BIJOU, collaborates with his longtime comrade Mahalo, setting the stage for their latest musical venture, “The Way We Touch.” This highly anticipated partnership showcases the seamless fusion of their individual talents, resulting in a masterpiece that is poised to captivate audiences worldwide. BIJOU, known for crafting raw and energetic beats, joins forces with Mahalo, renowned for infusing tracks with attitude and flair. Together, they have created a dance floor anthem that is irresistibly captivating. “The Way We Touch” entices listeners with its infectious rhythm, promising to ignite the summer and become an unforgettable soundtrack to the season. It serves as a testament to their shared passion for pushing sonic boundaries and igniting the dance floor with their infectious energy. “The Way We Touch” is now available to stream on all platforms via Do Not Duplicate Recordings. 

BIJOU and Mahalo

Stream/Download: BIJOU X MAHALO – “The Way We Touch” 

BIJOU and Mahalo’s “The Way We Touch” is destined to become a dance floor staple. Seamlessly blending BIJOU’s pulsating beats, an irresistible rhythm, and evocative hooks, this gem promises to enrapture listeners from the very first note to the final beat. Fueled by high-octane sensibilities and resplendent synths, the duo’s masterful creation ignites an intense fire within, resonating throughout one’s being. “The Way We Touch” transports listeners into a realm of euphoria, delving into the captivating power of human connection and evoking a profound sense of longing and desire. BIJOU and Mahalo paint a vibrant and vivid picture of the exhilarating emotions that arise when two souls intertwine. This sonic masterpiece captures the profound depth and pure bliss of genuine connection. 

“For me, it was only natural for two Arizona boys who started in the local rave scene to team up for a record together. When Mahalo sent me this track, I was immediately blown away and inspired to put my own twist on it. We aimed to create something that possesses the rawness my brand brings to the scene while also being accessible to dance radio. The vocals resonated with me deeply as I had been going through some personal experiences. I hope that everyone who truly listens to this can understand the feeling we tried to express through the music.” – BIJOU 

“I’m extremely excited to release ‘The Way We Touch’ with my friend BIJOU. We’ve known each other for years, even before our artist projects started, and it’s been incredible to step out of my own sound a bit and work on something in this lane. The track showcases a sensual side while still having attitude and energy, which I think is special and reflects both our styles in a unique way. I’m thrilled to see this one out in the world.” – Mahalo 

Do Not Duplicate Recordings (DND Recs), the relentless creative force behind exceptional collaborations, continues to curate extraordinary tracks that leave an indelible mark on the industry. With an unwavering ability to produce sonic marvels, DND Recs has already unveiled a series of sensational partnerships this year, pushing the boundaries of creativity and delivering unforgettable musical experiences. From the scorching summer anthem “Saint Tropez” by BIJOU and Zaerd, to the captivating allure of “1949” by OOTORO and Honey & Badger, and the mind-bending sonic journey of “Glitch” by Rhiannon Roze and MAX LOW, DND Recs consistently delivers exceptional music. “The Way We Touch” is destined to become an anthem cherished by the masses, claiming its rightful place in every summer playlist and setlist. 

“The Way We Touch” effortlessly showcases the unmatched talent and artistry of BIJOU and Mahalo, solidifying their positions as industry titans. With its infectious rhythm and captivating melodies, this track embodies the essence of dance music at its finest. DND Recs demonstrates their commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and delivering exceptional music to the world. “The Way We Touch” serves as a testament to their unshakable reputation as one of dance music’s premier imprints, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. This remarkable collaboration signifies a milestone for both BIJOU and Mahalo, propelling them to new heights of creative brilliance. It not only showcases their exceptional talent for crafting remarkable productions but also represents a significant leap forward in their collective artistic evolution, solidifying their positions as formidable talents within the industry. 



BIJOU has become the new standard in the g-house movement. As a distinguished leader in the scene, he has consistently proven his ability to thrive despite the challenges faced by the industry. With notable collaborations like “Hello” with Dr. Fresch in 2016 and a string of successful singles including “Crown” featuring Tyler Graves and “Floetry” featuring Ro Ransom, as well as EPs like ‘Gangsta Party’ and ‘Super Phat’, BIJOU has taken the scene by storm. He has embarked on four headlining US tours and launched his own label, Do Not Duplicate Records (DND RECS). Riding the momentum of his massive ‘Crown Tour,’ BIJOU continued to refine his material, culminating in his debut album, ‘Diamond City.’ This instant classic album features standout collaborations with artists like Wifisfuneral, Denzel Curry, Cuban Doll, and Party Favor, solidifying BIJOU’s indispensable presence in the scene. 

Mahalo 1


Hailing from Hawai’i and now based in Southern California, Mahalo has rapidly made a name for himself as one of the rising stars in the global dance music scene. Blurring sonic boundaries and creating cutting-edge material known as “liquid house,” this young producer has gained support from some of the world’s biggest DJs, producers, and tastemakers. He has performed at renowned festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Groove Cruise, Nocturnal Wonderland, and Countdown. Mahalo’s breakout single in 2019, ‘So Cold,’ spent 15 weeks on the Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart, reaching the #1 position. He has released music on labels like AFTR:HRS Records, Toolroom Records, Armada Music, and more, solidifying his promising talent and bright future in the industry. 

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