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Bass Virtuoso Whales shares new song “BIG ROOM” from Forthcoming Sophomore Album 


In the ongoing unveiling of his forthcoming sophomore album, Whales makes a resounding return to the release radar with his latest single, “Big Room”. Marking the second offering from the highly anticipated LP, Two Worlds Apart, the dubstep prodigy unites his musical prowess with the burgeoning talent of Cure97. The latest to come from Whales exudes an electrifying energy, intensifying the already palpable anticipation surrounding the album’s impending release and leaving listeners yearning for more. Following the successful premiere of his previous single, “Big Room” offers a captivating contrast yet equally infectious sound, enriching the LP with an enticing diversity of tones. “Big Room” is out now and available to stream across all platforms. 



Embarking on an enthralling and captivating journey, Whales swiftly ensnares listeners with a spellbinding introduction, unleashing a sequence of diverse bass-driven tempos enriched by glitchy 8-bit-esque sound effects, reminiscent of the spirited charm of ’80s arcade machines, alongside sharp, stabbing synths. Demonstrating remarkable versatility, Whales adeptly blends elements of dubstep and bass house, skillfully crafting an auditory experience enhanced by commanding bass lines and explosive drops that propel the listener on an exhilarating sonic odyssey through a realm steeped in bass-infused allure. As the track progresses, the talented producer fortifies the bass line with each successive drop, culminating in an addictive, dance-inducing rhythm that leaves an indelible impression and an insatiable yearning to relish the composition anew. 

“Collaborating with fellow Israelis is always special for me, coming from a small country like Israel and being distant from many of my North American fans. CURE97, a standout talent in the bass music scene here, and I have known each other for 12 years. It took me some time to realize he was “CURE97,” but once we reconnected, we discovered how similar we are. His unique style, rebellious spirit, and disregard for rules intrigued me, and we embarked on creating something together. After trying various ideas, we stumbled upon a funny 5-second concept called “Big Room,” which we decided to explore. Working on it was a blast, and it evolved into a truly unique and special representation of our combined styles. Throughout the process, CURE97 became one of my closest friends. I’m thrilled for everyone to experience our musical craziness in “Big Room.” 


“Making music with Tal was a unique experience; working with friends always hits the spot, but this one was on another level. We’ve tried working on different projects in the past but always got distracted since we aren’t used to working together. Having said that, labeling it as merely ‘work’ would be inaccurate. Honestly, it didn’t even feel like work; it was more like just us two friends having fun.”  


With “Big Room”, Whales’ artistry shines brilliantly, infusing the music landscape with a unique flair that resonates deeply with electronic music enthusiasts. The endlessly playable production kindles excitement and anticipation within Whales’ ever-loyal fanbase as they eagerly await the unveiling of his forthcoming LP. Building upon the momentum of this exceptional single, the stage is set for an exhilarating musical odyssey, as Whales prepares to embark on a highly anticipated tour that promises to set stages ablaze across the globe, including prestigious festivals such as Lost Lands and Bass Canyon. With the world poised in anticipation, Whales stands ready to etch an unforgettable chapter in his musical legacy. As this visionary artist’s journey unfolds, the future glows brightly with endless possibilities, captivating audiences and pushing the boundaries of bass music to new and thrilling heights. 

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About WHALES – Since his early years Tal, known by his stage name as Whales, has had a special connection with music. Growing up in Israel, at the early age of five years old, Whales began to listen to different genres of music on CDs. When he was seven years old, Whales began playing the goblet drum and performing in competitions. However, as passionate as he was about music, Whales faced major challenges because of a physical handicap. Tourette’s Syndrome began to take over Whale’s life, and because of this, he was unable to play instruments in the way that he wanted to. Although he faced such a setback, Whales never gave up his dream of pursuing music. He found solace in producing music with FL studio and developed his own unique sound. 2012 was a pivotal year for Whales, as he discovered the dubstep genre which he became attracted to. Although his health continued to decline, Whales used music as an escape. In 2013, under the name, “Sex Whales,” Tal released his first unofficial remix which helped him gain an audience through SoundCloud. Slowly, under Sex Whales, Tal gained a fan base and started collaborating with other artists.  In 2016 he released, “We Are,” and “Dead To Me” on the YouTube channel Trap Nation, and began touring internationally, playing shows in Europe, Canada, and China. He received significant recognition in Israeli news, and started to assemble a team that would promote his music to the world. After gaining recognition, he rebranded as “Whales” and began working with a variety of record labels, including Monstercat, Atlantic Records and Sony Music, as well as collaborating with  industry heavy-hitters   including  Excision, Shaquille O’Neal, Borgore, Kayzo, and more. With the rise in popularity of his music, Whales’ health began to improve. The Tourette’s Syndrome Whales had experienced significantly subsided, and his mood improved greatly. In 2021, Whales’s hit single “Dead To Me” began going viral on Tiktok and in early 2022, charted on Spotify’s Global Top 200 Dance & Electronic Music Chart and has remained there for more than twenty weeks, peaking at #78. Tal’s motivation for his work is to inspire people and bring positivity to the community through his music. 

About CURE97

About CURE97 – CURE97 is a burgeoning electronic music artist and producer. Known for his high-energy sets and genre-blending style, CURE97 has quickly gained a devoted following among electronic dance music fans (EDM). At 22 years old, CURE97 has already dedicated over a decade to perfecting his craft, becoming a Master of Production and engineering in the process. But it wasn’t always easy for CURE97, who found solace in music production after a chance encounter on a gaming forum sparked a passion for self-expression. CURE97 first gained attention with his breakthrough AM/FM series, which blended bass and old-school hip-hop elements to create a fresh and infectious sound. Since then, he has continued to push the boundaries of electronic music, incorporating a wide range of influences and styles into his work. Using his music to break free from the constraints of society and the boundaries of traditional genre definitions, CURE97’s unique blend of hip-hop, garage, and EDM/bass has gained him a cult-like following on discovery platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube. His ultimate goal is to bring electronic music to the mainstream and collaborate with rappers and pop artists on groundbreaking, genre-defying hits that will shift people’s perceptions of mainstream music. With a mission to inspire others to embrace their authenticity and follow their passions, CURE97 is a rising star in the electronic music scene with the potential to impact the industry. His music resonates with listeners of all ages and genders, and CURE97’s ultimate goal is to achieve worldwide success and leave a lasting legacy through his art. So far, CURE97 has received the support of Audiomack, Audius, Subtronics, Insomniac, SLANDER, Dubstep Gutter, and more. 

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