Traxeon’s newest track ‘Shambhu’ all set to take you to the Himalayas!

Shiv Shambhu

‘Shambhu’, the latest GrooveNexus track written by Deepak Bachchan is not just another song, it is a feeling of a devotee towards Lord Shiva. Deepak Bachchan recalls how he wrote the lyrics of this devotional number.

The song describes his experience when he went to the Amarnath temple, in the Himalayas and he felt like everyone around him was chanting Shambhu-Shambhu. The aura of that place was magnificent and seemed to be overpowering everything around. He says that the temple view, surrounded with snow and water, with the blue sky above and with a vibe so peaceful, felt like heaven on earth!

Bachchan wrote Shambhu as an expression of his gratitude towards Lord Shiva. He says, “You can feel the presence of lord Shiva in everything there. Through this song, I want people who haven’t been to Amarnath to experience the same vibe that I felt at that very moment.”

Meet the Team Shambhu:

  • Singer: Traxeon
  • Music: Traxeon & Rythm Chords
  • Lyrics: Deepak Bachchan & Gayak Adi
  • Composer: Gayak Adi
  • Video: Shruti Priya and Vivek Sharma
  • Mix Master: Traxeon
  • Guitars – Rythm Chords

Music in Shambhu is by the record-breaking duo- Traxeon and Mukul. They are known for consistently delivering phenomenal music tracks. Lyrics are by Deepak Bachchan & Gayak Adi. The voice is given by Traxeon who also released Teri Kami, one of his biggest hits of all time. Guitar chords are by Rythm Chords and composition by Gayak Adi.

The newest anthem for all the Lord Shiva devotees out there will hit the charts on 27th July on GrooveNexus Records. Stay tuned!

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