RESTRICTED And TOPIC Unite on Electrifying New Track ‘SLEEPLESS’ 

Restricted xTopic

In a perfect match between two true geniuses in the game, Australian DJ and producer RESTRICTED and German DJ, producer, and songwriter TOPIC are set to release their first collaboration, ‘Sleepless,’ on July 21. With this electrifying track, the artists promise to deliver a true summer anthem that will captivate audiences worldwide. 

Merging Day and Night: 

On ‘Sleepless (feat. GoldFord),’ RESTRICTED and TOPIC have come together to redefine the state-of-the-art of modern dance music. The track seamlessly merges the boundaries between day and night, showcasing their expertise and creativity in producing a captivating musical journey. 

Mesmerizing Melody: 

Beyond the track’s captivating rhythm, ‘Sleepless’ carries poignant lyrics that encapsulate the experience of being consumed by thoughts of someone special amid the night.  

Release Date: 21st July 2023 

Download/Stream Link: https://umg.lnk.tt/Sleepless 

TOPIC’s Achievements: 

TOPIC, the German-Croatian artist, has made a significant global impact with his emotional yet exhilarating dance sound. His achievements speak volumes about his talent, with over 1 billion streams in 2021 alone, and certifications reaching gold, double diamond, triple, quadruple, and even decuple platinum in 28 countries. Notably, he holds a steady spot in Spotify’s Global Top 10, and his collaborative tracks have achieved commercial success, topping charts in the UK and the Billboard Hot 100. With numerous high-profile awards and nominations to his name, TOPIC is undeniably a superstar DJ and a highly sought-after producer. 

“Collaborating with RESTRICTED on our debut track ‘Sleepless’ has been an exhilarating journey. The fast-paced beats, energetic vibes, and the meaning behind the vocals truly resonate with the sound I like to work on. The track will definitely keep you dancing till sunrise,” says TOPIC.   

RESTRICTED’s Rise to Stardom: 

Meet RESTRICTED, the rising star in the Australian music scene. This 22-year-old DJ/Producer has swiftly gained support from major tastemakers and music labels, and his signature style is a fusion of UK Bassline, Techno, and Hard Dance elements. In 2022, RESTRICTED amassed a staggering 50 million streams, solidifying his position in the EDM landscape. His viral success on TikTok with remixes of songs like ‘Big Jet Plane,’ ‘Love Tonight,’ and ‘Bonanza’ caught the attention of international artists like Zedd, Alesso, Timmy Trumpet, and even the legendary Elton John. As he prepares for his first headlining tour in Europe, RESTRICTED’s goal is to bridge the gap between the underground and the mainstream, making EDM more accessible to a broader audience. 


The collaboration between RESTRICTED and TOPIC on ‘Sleepless’ is nothing short of exhilarating. With their collective talent and passion for music, this track promises to keep listeners dancing until sunrise.  

Be sure to check out RESTRICTED’s Spotify and Instagram, as well as TOPIC’s Spotify and Instagram for more information. Don’t miss the chance to experience this exceptional musical journey brought to you by two of the industry’s finest. 

For information check:  

Restricted’s Spotify | Topic’s Spotify | Restricted’s Instagram | Topic’s Instagram 

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