RUSH is just a little taste of what fans can expect from “Memoir”

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Rising Pop star Ike Rhein makes his 2023 debut in a major way with his new single “RUSH,” which features Billboard-charting rapper Zoey Dollaz. “RUSH” may be the first single released by Ike Rhein this year, but the Pop singer has been very productive as he has officially completed his highly anticipated debut album, “Memoir,” which is slated to be released in early 2024. “RUSH” serves as a lead single for the Pop crooner’s upcoming album. “RUSH” is just a little taste of what fans can expect from “Memoir.”   

 ”RUSH” is about introducing a love interest to the fast life. “Being a music artist is a fast-paced ride, and it can give you and those around you a real rush,” Ike Rhein states. The song dives into the feelings of lust, love, and pursuit. The smooth single is a love song in the guise of a laid-back record with bravado.   

“RUSH” blends sleek, tantalizing lyrics with different sounds from various genres, such as Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B/Soul, to make the sonic masterpiece vibey and catchy. Ike Rhein enlisted a dream team for the record. Multi-platinum producer Danny E.B (Dannyebtracks) produced “RUSH” while multi-platinum songwriter Felly The Voice and Zoey Dollaz penned the lyrics.    

RUSH” isn’t the only song that Ike Rhein has planned for this year. The budding sensation plans to release two other single debut albums, “Memoir.” One of the singles will feature multi-platinum superstar Sean Kingston. As the excitement is brewing, it is safe to say that Ike Rhein is officially back. But for now, revel in the moment, and rush to get that rush from “RUSH.”   

Ike Rhein’s Biography:   


Ike Rhein is a 21-year-old Pop singer who originally comes from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but now lives in Miami, Florida. He started loving music when he was very young. Growing up in foster care was tough, but music helped him feel better. He learned how to play lots of different musical instruments and began making songs when he was a kid. 

Many famous websites and magazines have talked about him, like Sweety High, Lyrical Lemonade, and more. He’s got almost half a million followers on social media, and lots of people have listened to his music. 

Ike Rhein has worked with some really famous musicians like Vinny DeLeon, Sean Kingston, Luh Kel, Andy Vandette, Felly The Voice, Zoey Dollaz, and YN Jay. In late 2022, he went on tour with Luh Kel and Soulja Boy, who are also very famous. 

In early 2024, Ike Rhein will release his very first album called “Memoir.” It will have songs with Sean Kingston, Zoey Dollaz, and others. His music mixes futuristic sounds with songs that make you remember the past. Ike Rhein’s unique music is becoming more and more popular worldwide. 

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