Öwnboss & Selva Unleash Festival Anthem RIOT in Monstercat Debut

Öwnboss & Selva

The dynamic collaboration between Brazilian DJ and producer Öwnboss and accomplished songwriter Selva has given birth to the electrifying single ‘RIOT’, taking the concept of an anthem to new heights. This release, launched through Monstercat, a pioneering independent record label in the electronic music sphere, promises to captivate not only dedicated dancefloor enthusiasts but also fans of the action-packed video game, Rocket League, where the track is set to make its debut in the heat of battle arenas. 

‘RIOT’ is poised to dominate the airwaves of Rocket League Radio, the in-game station responsible for curating the pulse-pounding soundtrack enjoyed by the game’s impressive 6.4 million daily users. Starting from August 26th onwards, ‘RIOT’ will take on the role of the anthem that accompanies players as they dive into the gaming experience. 

Brought to life by the combined prowess of Öwnboss and Selva, ‘RIOT’ is a sonic force to be reckoned with. Drawing inspiration from the untamed enthusiasm of youth, the collaborative duo enlisted the talents of music students from Selva’s former school in São Paulo to elevate the recording to an exceptional level. In the commanding chorus, the voices of these young talents chant, “We are made of fire, shout out, start a riot,” exuding an audacious defiance and a fervent tribal energy that even seasoned vocalists might take years to cultivate. 

Listen on: https://listen.monstercatmusic.com/riot-qymr  

Complementing Öwnboss’ trademark bass house groove and industrial synths is Selva’s unifying songwriting style and distinctive vocal input, propelling ‘RIOT’ into the realm of dancefloor dynamite fit for the grandest stages. 

This release arrives during Öwnboss’ most bustling summer to date, as his 2023 World Tour continues to captivate audiences halfway across the globe. From gracing the Tomorrowland Mainstage and igniting the atmosphere at the Nature One Festival to leaving his mark on the iconic Ibiza beach club Ushuaïa, the creator behind the hit ‘Move Your Body’ has truly left his mark. Notably, Öwnboss kicked off the summer season by delivering an official remix of Armin van Buuren x The Stickmen Project’s track ‘No Fun.’ His upward trajectory as one of the most rapidly rising bass house DJs on the international scene remains unstoppable. 

Selva, also known as Brian Cohen, stands as a platinum-certified songwriter, producer, and vocalist who has collaborated with prominent names within the electronic music landscape. His reputation as a driving force in the industry for crafting anthemic dance hits continues to soar. 

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