Presenting a Romantic Sad Song “Mehendi” on 12th Feb, 2022 that Will Remind You of Your Scars

mehendi song pr

Have you ever felt such a deep sense of regret so painfully that you wished you could turn back time? If yes, then this song is for you.  A heart-touching romantic sad song, “Mehendi,” is releasing on 12th Feb 2022. This song is all about pain and suffering in love. So, get ready to queue up this heartfelt song by Bombay Music Co. to your romantic sad song’s playlist. So, draw the curtains, curl up on your couch and listen to this song when you want to sit with your feelings. If you have some unleft pain in your heart, you will completely relate to this song. Time heals everything, but some scars of love cannot disappear from everybody’s life. We just have to deal with it. So, are you ready to break out the pain in your heart?   

The artists have done a superb job in this video. “Mehendi” is sung by the very talented young artist Shruti Sharma who has left no stone unturned to convey people’s feelings in love. The music production is done by Acent. The song is composed by exceptionally talented Yash Talwar, also known as Jordan, who has just released his song “Zone” on GrooveNexus Records, which got lakhs of views and likes. The heartfelt lyrics of this song will make you cry as Jordan has written it himself. The direction of the music video by Nikhil Oberoi is worthy of praise. Don’t forget to watch the full video featuring ‘Khaab girl’ Rumman Shahrukh & Shubham Sharma. All of them together have made this video a masterpiece. Listen to it and shower some love on 12 th Feb 2022.   

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