Alex Hosking, Martin Jensen & Jimmy James release ‘Meet You There’

meet you there

Australian hit songstress Alex Hosking teams up with Martin Jensen and Jimmy James, for the spellbinding new single ‘Meet You There’, via Discowax! This electrifying track showcases each artists individual flair, from Alex’s pop-dance songwriting and epic vocals standing front-and-centre, over to Martin and Jimmy’s unmatched ability to blend genres seamlessly, ‘Meet You There’ invites listeners on a captivating voyage. Initially guided by the gentle caress of an acoustic guitar, the release then lures you into a contemplative yet full-of-vigour state with Alex’s instantly recognisable topline steering the release into a fully blown house anthem. 

Alex Hosking is a name many in the industry, as well as fans of contemporary dance music, will already be familiar with. From releasing the smash hit ‘Fake Friends’ alongside PS1 that went top 20 on the UK Official Singles Chart, her silver and gold record accolades only prove further that her Midas touch is here to stay! Martin Jensen, the superstar Danish DJ known for worldwide smash hits including ‘Solo Dance’, as well as collaborations with Sam Feldt and Jason Derulo, effortlessly brings his genre-straddling input with a glossy edge to the party, pricing the power of collaboration between a cross section of styles that delivers as something as stellar. UK artist Jimmy James is a name on the rise, having already earned his stripes recently earning a #1 on the official hip hop and R&B albums chart, for his production/ songwriting work with artist Guvna B, he has also won various GMO Dove Awards and received multiple UK radio airplays.  

Here, as Alex, Martin, and Jimmy step into the limelight, ‘Meet You There’ takes a thrilling direction. Twisting and metamorphosising into a summer-ready, high-energy house anthem, pulsing with life and an infectious double-time syncopation that will have you dancing into the night, the collective melds these seemingly disparate elements, creating a musical rollercoaster that will leave you exhilarated and yearning for more. With ‘Meet You There’, the trio demonstrate their mastery in pushing musical boundaries, seamlessly bridging the gap between introspective acoustics and the invigorating energy of house music. It’s a testament to their commitment to crafting art that defies expectations and transports listeners to uncharted realms. 

As the sun sets on summer, ‘Meet You There’ provides the perfect soundtrack to keep the warmth and vibrancy of the season alive. Whether you find yourself on a beachside escape or dancing beneath a starlit sky, this song promises to be your sonic passport to endless summer nights as Hosking’s vocals take a whole new flight. Don’t miss out on what is sure to be one of the year’s most unforgettable musical adventures of the season! 

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