KefiNama is back with his new single – CHAL

chal by kefinama 1

KefiNama aka Vandit Sharma is an upcoming new-age musician who is back with his new single – CHAL. As stated by the artist, he started writing this track when he was deployed in Mumbai for his work and Covid-19 was at its peak. He was stuck inside a flat with a few of his friends and all of them used to say casually, “Chal ghumne chalte hain” which means, “let’s go somewhere”. That’s where he first thought about creating the track. At the time, he did not have his guitar or any other instrument with him, just his phone and digital audio workstation app- GarageBand on it.

He wrote a few lines of the song starting with “Chal ghumne chal kahin” and he made his friends hear the first verse with some basic production of GarageBand. His friends loved the song and encouraged him to create the whole track. He then started working on the song day and night. He finally composed and produced a basic version of the song. With no intention of releasing it, him and his friends jammed to the demo track all night.

After a few months he came back to his hometown Faridabad and he went to record another one of his track in a studio. KefiNama played this song for his producer friend Larry and they decided to work on the release of this track. Both KefiNama and Larry contacted their friend who is also a flautist, Aman Varman add his charm to the song. After they tracked the flute in the studio to this song, they were in awe of the sound of it.

The song came out so beautifully that they decided to shoot a video for the same. Rightfully, every travel song should have a travel video too! He then contacted one of his film-maker/ content creator friend, Shivam Sharma aka Shivoryx and they planned to shoot the video in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh. The location is so amazing and also attracts a lot of tourists for its paragliding and other adventure sports. They shot the video in a matter of two days and captured some of the most beautiful sunsets in Himachal. The brand-new travel anthem is out now on music streaming platforms such as Spotify and apple music.

Go watch the video here:


Lyrics, Composition, Vocals: KefiNama

Music Production: Larry Lobo, KefiNama

Flute: Aman Varman

Mix/Master: Larry Lobo

Video by: Shivam Sharma

Cinematographer: Santanu Bhoi

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