Jordana Zahava Talsky’s newest album release soon in August month end

Jordana Talskys

Jordana Talsky Biography:

Jordana Talsky is a singer, songwriter and vocal looper who fuses multi-genre to influence many from her sound. Jordana accompanies herself by voice with a Roland Boss RC505 loop station. She masters in the art of incorporating digital means into her live performance in an organic way. She creates a choir with the loop machine on the spot with no pre-recorded parts. Jordana weaves unique interpretations of covers with original material. Her vocal loop song, “RUN”, was a judge’s pick for finalist in CBC Searchlight Contest (Canada) in 2018. Her other accolades includes finalist placements in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, Sarah Vaughan International Vocal Competition, Julian Award for Emerging Canadian Artists and Toronto Independent Music Awards.

Jordana has toured across Canada, Europe, and was featured as an emerging artist at Summerfest in the year 2019 in world’s largest music festival in Milwaukee as part of her first U.S. tour. She has enjoyed widespread worldwide airplay of her earlier releases “Neither of Either” and “Standard Deviation”.

Canadian musician Jordana Talsky has grown into herself. Her new immersive EP “Zahava” undertakes all the musical roles using only her voice and body. “Zahava” is a fascinating all-vocal looping release rooted in deep human themes everyone can relate with. Jordana Talsky emotes the sounds behind her awareness that our fragmented identities are always in conflict but can be ‘harmonized as we grow to be at home in ourselves.’

From the mouth of Jordana Talsky :

It is an all-vocal looping record. Hery voice or body made all the soundly.

To become a loop artist and learn to do a new thing by herself, she has come up against my insecurities and criticisms and has found that in many ways. This creative journey has mirrored the challenge I experience to be at home. Many of us have different parts of our identities that are in conflict but can be harmonized as we grow into ourselves. She is a person of several voices and a choir of one. “Zahava” is her middle name which means ‘golden’ in Hebrew. It reminds her of the gold in every one of us which is beauty, wisdom and power. She will be best harnessed when she learn to feel at home. Her music certainly will inspire you to find home in her music.

The resulting music on “Zahava” is original, hypnotic and compelling

More about Jordana Talsky :

  • Artist Name: Jordana Talsky
  • Location: Canada
  • Release Title: Zahava
  • Release Date: August 27, 2021
  • Label: Independent
  • Producer Name(s): Justin Abedin
  • Similar/RIYL: Kimbra, Sara Bareilles, Jacob Collier, Bobby McFerrin, Imogen Heap
  • Genre(s): indie-pop, vocal looping, alternative, jazz-inspired

Track list of the Jordana Talsky’s new album-

  • Superpower
  • Oh Yeah
  • Over The Wall
  • Trouble Up
  • City Lights
  • Honey

Awards and Accolades:

2018 CBC Music Searchlight

Finalist placements in:
2018 John Lennon Songwriting Competition, Finalist, Jazz (Spark)
2015 Toronto Independent Music Awards
2014 Sarah Vaughan International Vocal Competition
2014 John Lennon Songwriting Competition, Finalist, RnB (Memories of Panta Niwas)
2014 Julian Award of Excellence for Emerging Canadian Artists

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