Hugo Boss Gains Largest Social Media Coverage In Fashion Week History With 4 Billion Impressions In 4 Days

The phenomenal digital buzz created around the world exceeded everything the brand has ever seen before. This made the event, which took place last Thursday, the largest social-first event in the HUGO BOSS history.  “This event is our benchmark for what we will deliver as an experience to customers around the world as of today. It underlines the great potential and global brand strength of BOSS and pays into our target to turn customers into fans. I am more than excited to further enter this journey together with the team”, says Daniel Grieder, CEO of HUGO BOSS AG. 

The Social Media success of the event is visible across all areas, channels and KPIs:A total of 3.9 billion impressions achieved in 4 days Over 25 million engagements achieved across all social media channels within the first 4 daysWithin the first few days, 2.2 billion views on Tiktok #BOSSMOVES challenge where thousands of TikTokers created content to enter to win one of five exclusive NFT bomber jacketsWithin one week, the hashtag challenge has achieved 3 billions viewsWithin one week, the hashtag challenge has achieved 3 billions views1.3 million challenge-related videos were created from the TikTok audience #BOSSMoves trending on TikTok

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