GrooveNexus presents ‘Dooriyan’ featuring Gautam Singh Vig

Dooriyan ft. Gautam Vij

GrooveNexus Records is proud to introduce “Dooriyan”, the latest release from Mahesh Poojary, an evocative romantic horror song that takes listeners on a journey through the darkest depths of desire. The song features the stunning vocals of Altaf Sayyed, mesmerizing instrumentals, and lyrics that will leave you breathless. Atiya Sayyed has written the lyrics, while Mahesh Poojary presents the story. 

The music video features the talented Saba Khan, who rose to fame in Bigg Boss 12, and Gautam Singh Vig, known for his role in the romantic drama series Junooniyat. Directed by Tanveer Syed Riaz, the video is a visual feast with stunning cinematography that perfectly captures the mood of the song. The song is a perfect blend of horror and romance. 

With its gripping lyrics and captivating music, “Dooriyan” is set to be a surefire hit among fans of romantic and horror music alike. The song explores the theme, “Love is made in heaven, but born in hell,” and takes listeners through the darkness of love, with themes of separation, longing, and horror. 

Mahesh Poojary, who has previously worked on several popular Bollywood projects, revealed that “Dooriyan” is a romantic horror song exploring love and separation. It is releasing on 25th April 2023 and will be available on the official YouTube channel of Groovenexus.

Mahesh Poojarey stated:

“The song is a beautiful blend of haunting melodies, soulful lyrics, and mesmerizing vocals. Saba and Gautam have done a fantastic job in bringing the emotions of the song to life through their performance.” 

Gautam Singh Vig, who is making his debut in the music industry with “Dooriyan,” expressed his excitement at working with such talented artists. 

Saba Khan, who was recently featured in the song “Jiye Jatein Hain” along with Amardeep Phogat, sung by Palvi Virmani and released on Platear Studios’ official channel on YouTube, brings her bold and beautiful persona to the music video, creating a chemistry with Gautam Singh Vig that is sure to leave fans spellbound. 

GrooveNexus Records Director Himanshu Mishra said:

“I am absolutely thrilled to collaborate with some of the biggest names in Bollywood for our upcoming music productions. Don’t miss out on this haunting melody that takes you on a spine-chilling passion wave. Available now on all major streaming platforms, “Dooriyan” is a song you won’t want to miss.” 

Turn up the volume, dim the lights, and let yourself be swept away by the mesmerizing melodies of “Dooriyan.” 

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