Ghar Se Bahar by Dev Dilliwala: A Heartfelt Composition Reflecting Inner Struggles & Dreams 

Ghar Se Bahar

In an emotional and thought-provoking musical endeavour, Dev Dilliwala, a talented singer, songwriter, and composer, releases his latest single titled Ghar Se Bahar. This beautiful song, featuring singer Mahasagar, is all set to release on 21st June. It delves deep into the artist’s personal journey and highlights the challenges faced by individuals who dare to follow their dreams against societal expectations.  

Ghar Se Bahar is a song from the artist’s experiences. It talks about the everyday struggle of going against the opinions of our loved ones and staying true to who we are. Dev Dilliwala, a musician known for creating emotional songs, has put a lot of emotion into this composition. The music touches the hearts of listeners who have gone through similar challenges.  

The Lyrics of Ghar Se Bahar:  

“Nai Jeena ab rok tok k  

In logo ki nok jhok me  

Nai rukna ab likhna hai  

Beat Bajado dope shop se”  

The lyrics of Ghar Se Bahar paint a poignant picture of a young individual crying alone in a room, yearning to be understood and accepted by their family. It explores the dichotomy between generations, where parents often enforce their ideals and overlook the aspirations and emotions of their children. The song encapsulates the artist’s determination to pursue their dreams, even in the face of societal disapproval.  

Dev Dilliwala, who embarked on his musical journey in 2016 during a challenging phase of his life, discovered solace in writing and composing songs. His debut on YouTube, “Vegetarian,” released in 2017, marked the beginning of his artistic exploration. With Ghar Se Bahar, Dev Dilliwala bares his soul, sharing a personal truth with his audience and inviting them to connect with his heartfelt emotions.  

Know Team Ghar Se Bahar:   

  • Song name – Ghar Se Bahar  
  • Singer – Dev Dilliwala   
  • Featuring Singer – Mahasagar  
  • Lyricist – Dev Dilliwala, mahasagar   
  • Composer – Dev Dilliwala, Mahasagar   
  • Music director- RV Music   
  • Video director – Harish  
  • Producer- Dev Dilliwala  
    Special thanks to HSB Haq se Bolenge

Collaborating with renowned music director RV Music and featuring the talented singer Mahasagar, Dev Dilliwala has crafted a captivating composition that strikes a chord with listeners. RV Music, an accomplished musician, and mentor, has been instrumental in the song’s production, ensuring its emotional resonance through heartfelt melodies and beautiful arrangements.  

Accompanying the release of Ghar Se Bahar is a powerful music video directed by Harish, which beautifully captures the essence of the song’s message. The video, coupled with the evocative lyrics and soulful vocals, immerses viewers in a journey of self-discovery and pursuing dreams.  

Dev Dilliwala thanks his fans, supporters, and record label for their unwavering support throughout his artistic evolution. The song Ghar Se Bahar is a testament to his passion for music and commitment to creating meaningful content that resonates with his audience. 

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