Let the Music Speak! The Music Video of “Ek Shaam” from “2K16” is Releasing Soon

Ek sham song PR

The wait is over!!! The music video of “Ek Shaam” from the album “2K16” will be released on 11th Feb 2022. The language of love can be translated into many ways. But the universal way is music. Featuring Vishal Sharma as the male lead and Tanisha Tyagi as the female lead, the video is perfect to dedicate someone on Valentine’s Day. Make your loved ones feel more special by presenting this song to them. Be ready to add this love song to your romantic playlist.  

“Video of another beautiful track from the album 2K16 is going to win your heart. KingAP and Traxeon have done some wonderful work together in the recent past. This duet is beautifully sung by Harshita Baranwal and KingAP and has been penned down by extremely talented Abhimanyu and KingAP himself. Melodious music by Traxeon will leave you listening to “Ek Shaam” on the loop. At GrooveNexus, we give you the direction that you have been wanting to follow your passion of becoming a star. It is the perfect platform for the new and upcoming artists to showcase your talent says DJ Himanshu Mishra, founder of GrooveNexus”. 

KingAP is a mutli talented 21-year-old lyricist, singer, and rapper from Lucknow. He was inspired by many Indian rappers like Honey Singh and finally decided to step into the music industry. Traxeon, our very own Rohan Shukla is an Indian DJ, music producer, singer, and songwriter. He is widely known for his Bollywood remixes, mashups, and original works. King AP met Traxeon in 2019, and they made some original tracks and rap covers, after which KingAP expressed his desire to work with him. The music video of- “Ek Shaam” will be released soon. This song is sung by KingAP & Harshita Baranwal and music by Traxeon. Abhimanyu and KingAP have given the beautiful lyrics to this song.  

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