Burgeoning Bass Talent ‘Eater’ Unleashes Powerful 4-Track EP, ‘Invader’ via Subcarbon Records

Eater Subcarbon Records

Under the visionary leadership of label impresarios Benjamin “Bamby” Bayeul and Charlie “Erwan” Dodson, collectively known as the esteemed Ganja White Night, Subcarbon Records has established a renowned reputation for delivering exceptional releases from illustrious artists, including Ganja White Night, Dirty Monkey, Subdocta, Jaenga, Boogie T, and many others. Expanding on the success of Ganja White Night’s 10th studio album ‘Unity’, Subcarbon Records proudly introduces their latest addition to the roster: Italy-based DJ and producer Eater and his groundbreaking EP, ‘Invader’. Featuring four awe-inspiring productions, the ‘Invader’ EP infuses any playlist with an unparalleled fusion of style and pulsating vibrancy. The ‘Invader’ EP is now available for streaming on all platforms through Subcarbon Records. 

The EP opens with the captivating title track, ‘Invader’, which immediately mesmerizes listeners with its commanding vocals and skillful incorporation of glitch-like elements. As the track progresses, it builds suspense, creating a palpable sense of anticipation and offering tantalizing glimpses of the forthcoming sonic journey. Showcasing a flawless fusion of vibrant energy and weighty undertones, ‘Invader’ unveils a riveting crescendo that culminates in a warbly and dynamic drop, guiding listeners into a rhythmic reverie. 


Surrounded by an atmosphere of dark anticipation, ‘Annihilation’ enchants with its compelling vocal cuts seamlessly woven into captivating beats that reverberate throughout the sonic landscape. It embarks listeners on an extraordinary odyssey through uncharted realms. The mesmerizing production expertly blends ethereal high notes with a resonating bass, beckoning listeners to immerse themselves in its enigmatic allure. 

‘Trial’ emerges as a mesmerizing masterpiece, captivating listeners and leaving them eagerly anticipating each successive element that unfolds within this remarkable production. The track seamlessly blends enchanting vocal chops with an edgy bassline, resulting in an unexpected and delightful fusion of sonic sounds. With its irresistible magnetism, ‘Trial’ transports listeners to a warbly soundscape, where they can wholeheartedly embrace its gritty depth and captivating charm that permeate this extraordinary auditory experience. 

To complete the EP, “Extinction” emerges with an undeniable and captivating onslaught of bass-drenched sounds that reverberate through the speakers. Fearlessly embracing the raw intensity and visceral power of gritty bass-driven sounds, Eater showcases exemplary artistry by skillfully delivering deliberate and wobbly slow-tempo bass that effortlessly engrosses the audience. Enveloping the ears with a commanding presence, ‘Extinction’ establishes an immersive sonic experience that leaves an indelible mark on the listener. 

The ‘Invader’ EP stands as a distinctive and compelling embodiment of Eater’s musical identity, providing a tantalizing glimpse into the promising future of this burgeoning talent. Building upon the recent successes of his hard-hitting single ‘Eden,’ released in May, and the gritty track ‘Outpost’ released in April, Eater’s latest offering serves as a remarkable debut on Subcarbon Records. With the ‘Invader’ EP, Eater showcases an enticing tour de force of sound that sets an exhilarating precedent for what lies ahead in his creative journey in 2023 and beyond. Carving an indelible path within the realm of bass music, Eater continues to captivate listeners with his boundless potential and artistic prowess. 

About Eater: 

Eater is rapidly making waves in the music industry with a series of exceptionally unique productions that stand out from the crowd. Simultaneously, he is garnering support from some of the biggest names in the scene and gracing renowned stages such as Ultra Music Festival and EDC, among others. Notably, his talent has also earned recognition on prominent radio stations and networks like BBC Radio 1. It’s evident that this young Italian talent is making a lasting impression in the industry with his distinct style and consistent output of remarkable music. Although Eater’s journey is still in its early stages, it’s worth remembering his name and keeping a watchful eye on his trajectory, as he is poised to become one of the top artists in the coming years. 

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