Tim Hussman aka 1st Base Runner debut release- Break Even

tim husmann

Tim Hussman, also known by his stage name, ‘1st Base Runner’ is an Austin based singer and songwriter is here with his debut release “Break Even” on 9th July. This will be the 3rd track from his upcoming album’ Seven Years of Silence’ which is to be released on 30th July 2021. The official music video of the song will also be releasing on YouTube on 9thJuly 2021.  

The artist himself stated that “this song is all about expectations of other people that are placed upon us in our lifetime. This includes our parents, life partners, and authoritarian figures in general. The song is written from an adolescent’s perspective who is trying to find meaning in this world. This song is an attempt to reconcile the void between what is often given as advice and the underlying truths of what it means to be human and to be at peace with one’s existence. It is also connected with interpretations of other people of a vengeful creator and the pitfalls of projecting anger on the behalf of a deity.  The instrumental sections of the song are intended to carry the listener away and into the deeper chasms of meaning and purpose.”  

1st Base Runner recently visited to Los Angeles to shoot an extremely cryptic and powerful music video with legendary director Matt Mahurin. This June, the Universal Music Group will release music videos for ‘Break Even’ and ‘Only One.’ 1st Base Runner will release his Ellis EP this September, a collaboration with a longtime friend Bryan Ellis. With the gates of creativity now open and the contributions of Ellis added to the record, the new release is supposedly livelier. Brighter chords and percussion moved to the fore while keeping the same hazy glow that gave Seven Years its ineffable vibe.

Under the guidance of longtime Radiohead Creative Director Dilly Gent, the project will be dropping a video for the lead track ‘Near Me’ in July. Effervescing synths bubble over a beat, both warm and fuzzy and effortlessly cool. Husmann and Ellis craft a score for young love stumbling through the long summer evenings.  Not to be stopped during this prolific boon, 1st Base Runner has another full-length on the docket to be mixed in August. This third release expands upon the sound of Seven Years and Ellis while adding a good dose of post-punk edge with the introduction of live drums to the fold.  

Tim Hussman, the Austin-based synth symphonist, crafts his music pieces meticulously by making a fusion of trip pop, gothic pop and avant-grade post rock to produce an airy and atmospheric world of his own. The soundscapes seem so surreal with his infectious voice and melodies that you cannot resist listening to his music.   

His debut release, Seven Years of Silence is out on 30th July 2021 and is followed by an EP Ellis that is going to be released on 24th September 2021.  

Listen to his all-new track on the link below: Digital Streaming Platform OneLink 
Official Website
Spotify: spotify:artist:0jzKeH02qsk8L6hV11008E 
Bandcamp: https://1stbaserunner.bandcamp.com 
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/1stbaserunner 
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/1stBaseRunner 

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