Zhu releases new documentary “Welcome to Dreamland” on Amazon Music

Zhu releases new documentary “Welcome to Dreamland” on Amazon Music

Zhu is really busy now days in making his new documentary that released on Amazon music on September 10th.    

In the long documentary of 14 minutes, you can many never seen footages and serious intense interviews Zhu’s preparation of his historic moments at red rocks show in Morrison, Colorado, where he performed 6 sold-out shows one by one from 3rd May to 11th May.  

“Over the last several projects, I have explored many different sounds and ideas not knowing the outcome. It is only with my fans’ love and support that I continue to innovate and be the best that I can. Thank you, Amazon Music for helping me share a piece of Dreamland through this documentary. I want the fans to know that Dreamland is just beginning. Buckle up.” – Zhu, Press Release  

Zhu was taking deep dive into himself during the making of the film. He started as an artist, which is been a mystery to his fans. He allows the cameras to capture his own thinking processes into what goes into creation and development of his alias.   

“Welcome to Dreamland” features an original amazing song created by the mysterious music producer named as “Z-TRAIN.” The awesome documentary finally gives fans a real look into what makes Zhu. 

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