TWICE Releases Winter Wonderland-Themed Video for Japanese Single ‘Doughnut’

TWICE Releases Winter Wonderland

The K-pop Group TWICE has released a stunning music video on Thursday (Dec 2) and has made another comeback in the holiday season. It is a Christmas and mystery-themed music video for their new Japanese single ‘Doughnut’. 

The video starts with a police siren yelling in the background of the music video with Mina investigating the crime scene — an abandoned dessert shop where a frosted doughnut oozes red filling on the floor with a single bite missing. As Mina looks at the mysterious scene, she gets flashbacks to when the dessert shop was once running with both life and delicious pastries. Nayeon gazes at freshly baked doughnuts, and Sana pours coffee for her others and spells “I Miss You” in spilled sugar before the shop’s television suddenly moves away to a winter wonderland scene of all the girls dancing in the snow. 

Later, nine members in the music video have a pastry-filled tea party with different types of doughnuts adorning the table. “A soft and sweet sensation/ So fluffy/ My heart has a hole in the shape of you/ Just like a doughnut I’ve wandered into a love loop/ No beginning or end/ Our love loop/ Our love loop, yeah, yeah, yeah,” the girls sing in the chorus. 

‘Doughnut’ is loved by fans all over social media and is streaming worldwide. It is a truimphant comeback for the K-pop Group TWICE.   

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