Get Ready for the Biggest Sad Romantic Song of the Year “Teri Kami” by King Ap & Traxeon!! Releasing Soon!! 

Teri Kami Song

Is it just another hour of sadness? Undoubtedly, the previous two to three years have been the most miserable in recent memory. We get maybe a week of good news if we’re lucky, and then things go back to how they were. Not to mention that grief and heartbreak can occur even while life moves on. Instead of scrolling through social media, let’s listen to some music about it. And the good news is that you don’t even need to browse any music streaming app, where you’re bound to come across at least two to three mediocre sad-love playlists because we’ve got one song right for you. Get ready on 18th March 2022 for the music video of “Teri kami” by King AP and Traxeon soon to be released on GrooveNexus Records.   

The artists have altogether made this song a masterpiece. Allow yourself to become fully immersed in your feelings. You may listen to any sad romantic music, but if you’re looking for something new, we’ve got you covered. GrooveNexus Records will soon be releasing a music video of “Teri Kami.” Pyushi Banasia, Himanshu Mishra, and Farhan Khan star in the music video, which is incredibly relatable to anyone who has suffered heartbreak in love. This beautiful song was created by Arpit Verma aka KingAP, and sung by Rohan Shukla, also known as Traxeon. Traxeon himself wrote the song. His soothing melody will keep you playing “Teri Kami” repeatedly.  

Some people get up every morning ready to face the challenges of the day, but many of us do not. That isn’t a problem at all! It’s hard to turn existential dread. Are you not feeling like doing anything? Why don’t you dim the lights and pour yourself a glass of wine? Look for a window and gaze longingly out of it. There’s an entire world waiting for you when your spirits rise, but for now, all you need to do is be with your emotions. This song has your back. It’s one of the best slow, emotional tunes for recognizing and accepting our feelings, which is difficult but necessary. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this latest song “Teri kami” by extremely talented Traxeon and King AP -.   

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