‘Tere Sang’: A Heartfelt Indie Rock Ballad of Love & Betrayal 

tere sang by faizal & kalrav

Amidst the solitude of lockdown, a musical collaboration was born – a creation that transcends the ordinary and delves into the intricacies of the human heart. Faizal Suleman and Saket Anand bring you “Tere Sang,” an Indie rock masterpiece that explores the poignant journey of an innocent boy entangled in the complexities of modern relationships.

“Me and Saket Anand made this song during the lockdown. ‘Tere Sang’ is a song for innocent boys who love someone but always end up feeling cheated. It’s an emotional song, but this time we made it in a different way – a little faster,” shares Faizal Suleman, the song’s singer, lyricist, and driving force behind this evocative creation.

About the Song:

Tere Sang is more than just a song; it’s a narrative for those who pour their hearts into love only to find themselves betrayed. This time, the emotional saga unfolds in a unique, faster-paced composition, capturing the essence of regret and the fragility of the heart. The lyrics resonate with the experiences of those who love deeply but find their feelings undervalued, echoing the sentiment that hearts are indeed fragile.

“Tu Hi hai Har Jagah… Tu hi har jagah, Teri hasi……. Tera Jahan, Le jaye mujhe jane kahan,” the lyrics capture the essence of love and longing, and the pain of losing someone dear. The powerful verses, both poignant and heartfelt, evoke the bittersweet emotions that accompany the end of a cherished relationship. These lyrics showcase the emotional depth of “Tere Sang,” and resonate with anyone who has faced the tribulations of love. 

The song’s credits reflect a talented team of artists and professionals who have made this song a reality: 

  • Song name – Tere Sang 
  • Singer – Faizal Suleman 
  • Genre – Indie rock 
  • Featuring Singer – Kalrav Sarojwal 
  • Lyricist – Faizal Suleman 
  • Composer – Saket Anand 
  • Music director – Faizal and Kalrav 
  • Music Producer – Tarun Sharma 
  • Mix and Master – Tarun Sharma 
  • Primary artist – Faizal Suleman 

About Faizal Suleman: 

Faizal Suleman, a former engineer turned musician, is the singer, lyricist & music director behind the emotionally charged song “Tere Sang.” He is also a successful director in a real estate company and operates his own production company, Faizal Suleman Entertainments. 

About Kalrav Sarojwal: 

Kalrav Sarojwal is the music director of ‘Tere Sang,’ collaborating with Faizal. His profound musical composition has brought depth and emotion to the song, resonating with audiences worldwide. This is the third song from the collaboration of Kalrav and Faizal.

The song will be released exclusively on GrooveNexus Records on the 15th of November. 

“Tere Sang” is more than just a song; it’s an emotional journey through love, loss, and the longing that remains. In these challenging times, the song serves as a reminder that music has the power to heal, inspire, and unite. 

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