Gonna Fall | Swattrex, SO YOU KNOW ft Deeksha Gautam.

Gonna Fall | Swattrex, SO YOU KNOW ft Deeksha Gautam.

Releasing on: May 29th, 2020. 
YouTube Channel: Groovenexus

GrooveNexus releases “Gonna Fall” by Swattrex, SO YOU KNOW ft Deeksha Gautam.  

Swattrex, SO YOU KNOW, and Deeksha Gautam come together for a sensational debut, collaborating with GrooveNexus to launch their new single ‘Gonna Fall’, out May 29th.  

‘Gonna Fall’ is a bittersweet song that has a sense of pleasure, at the same time it is tinged with sadness. Though the music has a hint of pleasant and happy tone to it, the lyrics simulate sad memories and imagery making the listeners feel emotional.   

Teaser Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8BZwu0C95U

The song talks about a girl who met a guy, who knew that it was for the better not to have expressed their love for each other since the guy was moving away. It’s been over a year now and she can’t get him out of her thoughts.   

Ever since then she has been scared that she is ‘Gonna Fall’ in love with him. And, after knowing he has moved on, she doesn’t want to see herself going down that lane again. 

Swattrex and SO YOU KNOW have worked on the music for ‘Gonna Fall’.  And, Deeksha, the lead singer and the lyricist of the song took inspiration from her friend’s life to come up with the lyrics. The team met at the studio and had the song recorded in a days’ time.   

‘Gonna Fall’ is set to release on May 29th on GrooveNexus. 

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