Summershine – A Party Vibes Voyage | Official Music Video Out Now!


In the Summershine music video, the limelight shines on the featured artists, DJ Himanshu Mishra, DJ Sykik Sensei, and Tamara, who deliver a mesmerizing performance that perfectly complements the song’s electronic music journey.

Song inspiration:

Summershine was composed to bring up something melodic, high-energy, and unique, giving the perfect party vibe. This song is ideal for the electronic music lover.

The beats of the track Summershine will make you groove.

A little background on this song:

Summershine’s music video bears special significance for the artists. DJ Sykik Sensei describes his first professional performance, during which he was nervous until he stepped behind the decks. Sykik Sensei assumes an entirely different persona when he is in his element and solely focused on his music. Performing a B2B set with DJ Himanshu Mishra was exhilarating, as Himanshu exudes incredible energy and immense talent.

Sykik Sensei’s voyage in music production began in 2018 when he was working as an engineer. Learning everything online, he experimented with various techniques. Thus, creating “Sky is Falling,” which now awaits its debut in front of an audience.

DJ Himanshu Mishra is a multitalented individual who holds the positions of engineer, DJ, and entrepreneur. His incredible talent and dedication to music have made him a sought-after musician in the music landscape.

DJ Himanshu Mishra said that “Summershine, to me, is a high-energy and upbeat track. It takes you from calm to excited to proud and then resolves back into something sweet.”

Music Video Credits:

Director – Dishant Aggarwal

Produced By – GrooveNexus

DOP – Abhishek & Lucky

Makeup – Neha, Naghma & team

Management – Sandeep & Vivek

Lead Model – Tamara

Models – Inga, Sana, Ritika, Sonali, Bipasha, Pihu, Saniya, Shaifali, Ritu, Aasha

Casting – Dishant Aggarwal & Ansh Khan

Edit – Abhishek

Artwork – Mack Swagr

Project by – Team Dishant

Label – GrooveNexus

This captivating music video features DJ Himanshu Mishra, DJ Sykik Sensei, and Tamara’s exceptional talents, bringing the collaborative masterpiece “Summershine” to life. Their harmonious performances imbue the party vibes of the song with depth and soul. Sykik Sensei and DJ Himanshu Mishra are music producers, constructing evolving melodic and perfect party music soundscapes throughout the track. The mix master, Traxeon, has meticulously ensured that the audio quality is flawless, augmenting the song’s overall impact. The makeup team, led by Neha and Naghma, brings out the best in the models, complementing the electronic music journey of the video. The management team, Sandeep, and Vivek, ensure seamless execution of the project, allowing the artists and crew to focus on their craft. Tamara shines as the lead model, supported by a talented group of models – Inga, Sana, Ritika, Sonali, Bipasha, Pihu, Saniya, Shaifali, Ritu, and Aasha, whose performances add life to the narrative.

Under the artistic supervision of Director Dishant Aggarwal, the music video is a visual feast with a compelling storyline. Abhishek and Lucky, the Directors of Photography (DOP), have skillfully captured breathtaking images, elevating the visual narrative with their artistic vision. Team Dishant meticulously oversees the production of the music video, ensuring seamless coordination and execution. Abhishek’s editing combines all the elements, creating a visually cohesive and immersive experience. In addition, Mack Swagr’s artwork adds an artistic flourish to the promotional materials and visuals, making “Summershine” a complete and captivating work.

“Summershine” results from immense talent, commitment, and creative collaboration, fusing musical artistry with visual narrative to provide a party song and an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Summershine has been released, and it is available on the official YouTube channel of GrooveNexus Electronic.

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