Suit Kaala: A Captivating Lyrical Video Showcasing Virender’s Musical Brilliance 

Suit Kala

The latest track by Groovenexus, Suit Kaala is a mesmerizing lyrical video all set to premier live on 19th June 2023. This captivating composition is a testament to singer Virender’s immense talent and creativity, who has left an indelible mark on the music industry with his distinctive style. The song, a fusion of Hip-Hop and contemporary elements, is set to captivate listeners with its catchy beats and heartfelt lyrics.  

The inception of Suit Kaala came to life when Virender received a call from Harjot, the talented lyricist behind the song. Impressed by the lyrics, Virender composed the music, while the skilled Rahul Ambalia lent his expertise as the music producer. The collaboration between these talented individuals resulted in an enchanting melody that promises to strike a chord with audiences worldwide.  

Taking the project further, Virender and the team headed to the renowned Shahpur Studio to record the vocals. The accomplished Vishal Shahpuriya flawlessly handled the vocal dubbing, adding depth and emotion to the track. With the recording complete, the song underwent thorough mixing and mastering processes to ensure the highest quality of sound production.  

Armed with the final audio, Suit Kaala wasted no time contacting various companies for the song’s release. At this stage, the team had the pleasure of meeting Rohan Shukla, popularly known by his nickname DJ_Traxeon, a valued member of GrooveNexus studio who provided invaluable guidance regarding the release. Impressed by the project, the team handled all the release aspects and became the driving force behind the successful completion of recordings. 

A Brief Introduction to Virender  

A brief introduction to Virender reveals a talent that has blossomed from a young age. Hailing from the border region of Himachal Pradesh, Virender discovered his passion for singing in 2020 and hasn’t looked back since. With two music videos and one lyrical video already under his belt, Virender’s rise to prominence has been marked by sheer dedication and a commitment to honing his craft.  

The heart and soul of Suit Kaala lie in its enchanting lyrics and the creator’s admiration for a girl in a black suit.   

With lines like:    

“Kii aakha Mai jado da tanu vekhya rkane saala jii”  


“oh snow jeya rung Tera suit kaala kaala nii,”   

The song weaves a beautiful tale that resonates with listeners on multiple levels. Its melodic prowess and Virender’s soulful rendition ensure an unforgettable musical experience.  

Groovenexus Records extends its heartfelt gratitude to the team behind Suit Kaala for their exceptional contributions. With Virender’s remarkable talent as the singer, Harjot’s thought-provoking lyrics, Virender’s composition, and Rahul Ambalia’s masterful music production, this collaboration has given birth to a true musical gem.  

Suit Kaala is now available for streaming on various platforms, allowing fans and music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in its enchanting melodies and relish the magic that Virender and his team have created. Prepare to be captivated by this Hip Hop masterpiece that transcends boundaries and celebrates the beauty of music. 


  • Song Name: Suit Kaala 
  • Genre: Hip Hop 
  • Singer: Virender 
  • Lyricist: Harjot 
  • Composer: Virender 
  • Music Producer: Rahul Ambalia 

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