Sri Lankan Artist Dinesh Dhananjaya Releases “Stop Shooting Butterflies” on GrooveNexus

Stop Shooting Butterfly

Sri Lankan singer-songwriter Dinesh Dhananjaya is making waves in the music industry with his powerful upcoming release, “Stop Shooting Butterflies.” GrooveNexus is releasing the song on 28th June. The track has been pictured under his creative direction. It aims to celebrate the artistic spirit while shedding light on the challenges faced by artists in society today.

The Title of the Song:

The metaphorical title of the song holds deep significance, representing the poetic license artists possess to create something extraordinary. It also serves as a poignant reminder of the conflicts and harsh criticisms artists often endure due to their innovative works.

Dhananjaya draws inspiration from the trials of prominent figures like Salman Rushdie, whose novel “Satanic Verses” stirred controversy and resulted in severe threats against him. Also, “Stop Shooting Butterflies” urges listeners to appreciate the vibrancy and beauty artists bring to the world, akin to butterflies’ vivid colours and resplendence. Also, it emphasizes the importance of allowing creative minds to soar freely, unhindered by judgment or suppression.

Says the Creator:

“Artists are a special breed of people. They fly high with their imagination, transcending earthly boundaries and landing on clouds. From this elevated perspective, they bestow upon us their creative thoughts, which rain down magically as flower petals and fragrant confetti. Let us cherish and support this beautiful transformation of ideas from the artists’ imaginations.”

Dinesh Dhananjaya

Here is a glimpse of what the song sounds like:

Blessed are the weird people

And long live their dreams

For they force us to see

The world differently

Moreover, combining expertly crafted power-pop melodies with thought-provoking lyrics, Dinesh Dhananjaya has spent the past decade captivating audiences with his astute observations on love, estrangement, self-doubt, pain, and existentialist angst. “Stop Shooting Butterflies” continues to showcase his prowess as a singer-songwriter in the genres of EDM and Dance.

The Team “Stop Shooting Butterflies”

“Stop Shooting Butterflies” credits go to Dinesh Dhananjaya, the singer, lyricist, and composer. The song’s captivating production is brought to life by music producer Xcloud, while Sameera Jayaruwan expertly directs the visually stunning music video. The project is produced by Xcloud, a testament to the collective efforts in creating this empowering anthem.

Song Genre- EDM, Dance,

Singer – Dinesh Dhananjaya

Lyricist – Dinesh Dhananjaya

Composer – Dinesh Dhananjaya

Music producer – Xcloud

Video director – Sameera Jayaruwan

Producer – Xcloud

“Stop Shooting Butterflies” nurtures artistic expression, fostering a world where creative minds can thrive. Dinesh Dhananjaya’s latest offering promises to resonate with audiences worldwide, encouraging listeners to embrace their creativity while appreciating artists’ boundless contributions to our society.

About Dinesh Dhananjaya:

Dinesh Dhananjaya is a talented Sri Lankan singer-songwriter known for his captivating blend of power-pop melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Moreover, with a career spanning over a decade, Dhananjaya has established himself as an influential artist, expressing the complexities of human emotion through his music. “Stop Shooting Butterflies” is his latest release, exemplifying his commitment to empowering creativity and advocating for artistic freedom.

About GrooveNexus:

At GrooveNexus, we believe in nurturing and empowering emerging artists, allowing them to gain visibility and recognition in the music industry. Our platform is a launchpad for talented musicians to showcase their unique styles, genres, and artistic visions.

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