Stellz releases DUST | Dan McKie DUST remix raises heat

Stellz releases DUST

1980 Recordings released Eugene Becker and Dan McKie DUST remix along with its original track ‘Dust’ by Russian Producer Stellz. The new song is already raising the heat quotient.

Russian producer Stellz returned with a brand-new single Dust on November 29, 2019. It is available to stream on Spotify and Apple music, and for download on Beatport. A warm cocoon of expertly engineered house music, the single is ably accompanied by remixes from Eugene Becker and label head honcho Dan McKie.

About Eugene Becker – Dan McKie DUST remix

On Stellz’s original edit, padded chords and chugging percussion flesh out the production. Cosy runs of chunky arpeggios and echoing reverb drive the piece continually forward towards the brink of Stellz’s full throated drop. On remix duties, Eugene Becker strips away much of the weight of Stellz’s composition. He thins it out slightly to reveal a beautifully streamlined, lithe piece of progressive house that carries a lighter, more bouncy touch.

In contrast, McKie takes it down into deeper house territory. He indulges in the shuffling percussion and undulating melody while still managing to keep a growing sense of pace to proceedings.

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About Dan McKie

An Ibiza, London, Barcelona and Andorra resident, Dan McKie is a renowned DJ and producer. His passion for electronica on the dance floor mixes well with his energetic blend of DJ sets.

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