Abhishek Mantri’s new remix, Shiv Shambho by 2impro, topping the charts!

Abhishek mantri

Abhishek Mantri is a DJ, and a famous EDM artist hailing from Pune. He has been in the scene for 2 decades and is popularly known to be the one who has kept the House music scene alive in Pune. With his own music studio and academy, DJ Abhishek Mantri is a music producer, a pure music professional, and an EDM connoisseur. His motto- to stay on top of the Pune party scenes and EDM scenes across India and Asia. 

He has previously shared the stage with renowned and world-famous artists like Akon, Chainsmokers, Micheal Woods, Mark Night, J.Sean, Clauzia Cazacu, Tommi Pixan, Namito, Jody Wisternoff, Caroline Banxx, Guy J, CID INC, Tocandeo, Hannah Wild, Smoking circles, Ezze, DJ ATX to name a few. He had also performed at many music festivals such as Enchanted Calley Carnival which had artists like ATB, Bass Jackers, Martin Garrix, Taio Cruz and many more. 
His new release which is a remix of the popular song Shiv Shambho by Russian artists 2impro has been making the rounds among House music lovers. Abhishek Mantri’s remix Shiv Shambho also got featured in Beatport top 100 and was also added in the Spotify playlists of Vib’in records and Sensei Music Blog. 

The new remix was released under Lohit Records, which is a decade old record label giving greatest of hits from time to time! Shiv Shambho – Abhishek Mantri remix streaming on Spotify.

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