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shikayat by rapchari and shikhar

In a music industry often characterized by glitz and glamour, emerging artists Rapchari & Shikhar are set to be swept off their feet. Along with the composer and music producer, Dibtat, this trio is breaking the mold with the enchanting new release, Shikayat that delve deep into the realms of reality & authenticity. The track is scheduled to be released on 10th August.  Listeners can immerse themselves in the evocative world of “Shikayat” by streaming it on major music platforms such as Gaana, Spotify, JioSaavn, YouTube Music, Amazon Prime Music & iTunes.

Bezubaan Hui Khwahishein

Teri Chahatein, Teri Khushnuma Shararatein

Ab Yaad Aati Hai

Mujhe Teri Yaad Aati Hai……………………………………….

The powerful and thought-provoking lyrics showcase a unique blend of poetic storytelling and raw emotion, resonating with listeners on a profound level.

The lyrics of the song weave a narrative of 500 kilometers traveled (500 kilometers,Tu bas bol de mai aara abhi bus pakad kar), capturing the essence of life’s distances, both physical and emotional. Lines such as “Dhuein mei dard ko chupa raha” reveal a vulnerability that is seldom seen in today’s music landscape.

What sets Rapchari apart is his fearless exploration of societal norms and his unapologetic embrace of his true self. “Mai jaise nastik, Jaise mai shrapit,” he raps, embracing his identity and experiences without hesitation. His lyrics candidly address topics like social hierarchies, personal struggles, and the pursuit of artistic passion. Rapchari’s music becomes a powerful voice for those who seek to express their true selves in a world that often demands conformity as his distinct voice extends beyond just lyrics with unique soundscape that captivates audiences.

From introspective verses to catchy hooks, Shikayat is a testament of A melodic ode to love and longing, leaving listeners with an unforgettable auditory experience. This soul-stirring composition by Dibtat takes listeners on a poignant journey through the intricacies of love, reminiscence, and the sweet pain of separation.

It captures the essence of raw emotions that lie beneath the surface of the heart. The song’s evocative verses, which include lines such as “Bezubaan Hui Khwahishein” beautifully convey the myriad facets of love – from the joyful playfulness to the lingering ache of memories and celebrating the beauty of love while acknowledging the pain that often accompanies it.

Know About the Team Behind This Heartfelt Creation

Song name – Shikayat

Song Genre– Hiphop

Singer – Rapchari, Shikhar

Lyricist – Rapchari, Shikhar

Composer – Rapchari, Dibtat

Music producer – Dibtat

Rapchari, the 23-year-old rap sensation, and Shikhar, the 18-year-old hip-hop prodigy, are an unstoppable force  in the world of music. Rapchari draws inspiration from an eclectic blend of musical genres, including dubstep, rock, and glitch, all intricately woven into his signature sound. His innovative genius has allowed him to craft a unique musical identity, which was brilliantly showcased in a groundbreaking collaboration with Brutal Baba. Together, they birthed an EP that shattered conventions, propelling Lucknow’s hip-hop prowess onto the global stage. Rapchari’s rise in the music scene is a testament to his determination and passion for the craft. His willingness to delve into life’s complexities, celebrate individuality, and confront societal norms head-on makes him a promising and influential figure in the world of modern music.

Dibtat, aka Yash Raj Tripathi, a dynamic artist from Lucknow, UP. A Producer, DJ, and Sound Engineer, he’s a music powerhouse since 2019. With diverse creations in Electronic music, like “Shor,” “Sher Ki Dahad,” “Idyll,” “Nizam,” and “Akelepan ki Aadat,” Dibtat’s global appeal is undeniable.

Shikhar‘s journey into the realm of hip-hop began through the art of dance, until a serendipitous encounter led him to the world of music. With a poetic soul and roots in the middle-class, Shikhar’s lyrical finesse flourished in 2019, captivating audiences with verses that resonate deeply. His undeniable talent quickly positioned him as a sought-after lyricist for various singers, a testament to his prowess and captivating stage presence.

Uniting their talents, Rapchari, Shikhar & Dibtat emerge as a formidable team, thrusting Lucknow’s hip-hop scene into the spotlight.

Shikayat is Rapchari’s third association with GrooveNexus, Fly High & Korey Nain are the previous 2 releases.

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