Heart-breaking Song Secret in the words of Man Gill Sings the Reality of Modern Love


Gill, is a talented songwriter, and entrepreneur currently located in the Philippines. He has teamed up with singer Johnnie Dabwali to produce a music video. The idea was to create a song that sheds light on the harsh realities of modern relationships. Additionally, the song, aptly titled Secret delves into the themes of infidelity and heartbreak. It depicts a casual love story that takes a tumultuous turn. 

Inspired by the breakdown of a personal breakup, Gill masterfully crafted the lyrics and composition to reflect the challenges faced by today’s generation in finding true and loyal love. Also, the song confronts the prevalent culture of “friends with benefits” and explores the yearning for genuine emotional connections. 

However, the music video for Secret showcases the mesmerizing vocals of Johnnie Dabwali, who brings Gill’s lyrics to life with passion and authenticity. The captivating visuals, skilfully directed and edited by Kofi Zakari, perfectly complement the emotional depth of the song. 

Reflecting on his experience, Johnnie Dabwali shared, “This song is a very heart-touching, sad romantic song. Its composition is lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed the recording session and connected deeply with the concept and lyrics of this song.” 

The song Secret is a poignant reminder of the complexities of love in the modern age. Also, the lyrics, penned by Man Gill, resonate with raw emotion and deliver a powerful message about the fragility of trust and the consequences of deceit. The composition by Man Gill, along with the musical direction of Madbeatz, stays long after the song ends. 

To experience the heart-wrenching emotions evoked by Secret listeners can access the audio track through the following link:  

Secret is a testament to the artistic collaboration between Man Gill, and Johnnie Dabwali. Also, including the talented team involved in its production. The song leaves a lasting impression on listeners, igniting contemplation on the realities of love and relationships in today’s world. 

The team involved in this creation:  

Song Name: Secret 

Singer: Johnnie Dabwali 

Lyricist: Man Gill 

Composer: Man Gill 

Music Director: Madbeatz 

Video Director & Editor: Kofi Zakari 


Gill, the talented songwriter, and entrepreneur along with singer Johnnie Dabwali, has created a remarkable music video for their upcoming song. This collaboration delves into the complexities of modern relationships, exploring themes of infidelity and heartbreak with raw emotion and authenticity. Secret is releasing on GrooveNexus Records official YouTube channel. Also, Gill’s masterful lyrics, accompanied by Dabwali’s captivating vocals, beautifully convey the longing for genuine emotional connections in a world dominated by casual relationships.  

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