Sandhu Is Back: Revealing an Edgy Urban Atmosphere in Ds Sandhu’s Latest Hit

Sandhu is Back

In the world of music, there are artists who leave an indelible mark with their unique style and powerful compositions. Ds Sandhu is one such artist, and his latest song, “Sandhu Is Back,” is a testament to his musical prowess. The melodies and lyrics of this song not only catch your attention, but they also take you to the real world.


O jehda lagya a dabb naal ni oh gal kude aap kardaa,

O loki dekhde ya khad khad k jado asla khadak karda…

Credits –

Song name – Sandhu Is Back

Singer – Ds Sandhu

Lyricist – Johnnie Dabwali

Composer – BigMoney

Music Producer – BigMoney

Video Director – Nitish Verma

Producer- Nitish Verma

Special Thanks – Guru Gold Gym Panipat, Gurvinder Singh Panipat                                                                   

“Sandhu Is Back” – Unveiling the Powerhouse

DS Sandhu began his career as a musician at an early age, learning to play the tabla at gurudwaras and going on to perform in several different countries because of his talent. A customer caught Sandhu humming a tune while he was in the shop, and after hearing it, he suggested that Sandhu consider singing as his career. He thought thoroughly before deciding to begin a career in the music industry. In 2022, Music Melody released his debut single, titled “Donaal”.

The song “Sandhu Is Back” features the impressive talents of BigMoney, also known as Maninder Kundu. BigMoney is not only a singer but also a lyricist and composer who has made significant contributions to this captivating track. BigMoney’s contributions to the song’s composition add depth and dimension to the music, enhancing the overall experience.

The music video for “Sandhu Is Back” is a visual spectacle directed and produced by Nitish Verma. It immerses the audience in a world of power, showcasing cars, and delivering a portrayal of the raw essence lifestyle. Nitish Verma’s creative direction brings Ds Sandhu’s vision to life, making the music video an integral part of the song’s appeal.

“Sandhu Is Back” has a deeper meaning because of how well Johnnie Dabwali writes lyrics. With his words, he tells a story that goes well with Ds Sandhu’s powerful singing and the high-powered feel of the song. Each line that Dabwali wrote adds to the song’s story, making it a fascinating journey for those who listen.

Special thanks go out to Guru Gold Gym Panipat and Gurvinder Singh Panipat for their support and contributions to this remarkable project.


“Sandhu Is Back” not only delivers a pulsating powerful vibe but also showcases the immense talent and collaboration behind the scenes. Ds Sandhu, along with BigMoney, Nitish Verma, and, of course, the lyrical magic of Johnnie Dabwali has created a masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of music, offering an unforgettable experience to its listeners. With this song, Sandhu proves that he is indeed back, stronger, and more captivating than ever before.

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