Sam Barrett’s new album – The Seeds Of Love to be released soon in September 2021


UK Folk Singer Songwriter Serious Sam Barrett has announced the release of new full-length album “The Seeds Of Love”, out September 16, 2021 via YaDig! RecordsSerious Sam Barrett is a hard touring folk and country singer from Yorkshire playing honest, heartfelt, penned, traditional songs on 12 string guitar and banjo. 

 Serious Sam Barrett’s Biography: 

Serious Sam Barrett is not that serious apparently but a hard-touring, folk and country singer from Yorkshire. He is known for playing honest, heartfelt, penned, traditional songs on 12 string guitar and banjo and mostly released through Ya Dig Records. Ya Ding is a Not For Profit label being run with the help of dreamers, romantics and noble girls and guys all round.  

About Serious Sam Barrett’s upcoming new release “The Seeds Of Love”: 

Barret states: “A year or so ago my wife came home with a book published by the English Folk Music and Dance Society called “The Seeds of Love”. I was immediately taken with how beautiful the book was and a large part of this record is comprised of songs from the book. In a lot of cases I was new to the songs and I simply read the verses from the page and waited for a melody to come to me that I thought fitted the words. For some I already knew the song and decided to play it straight with the traditional melody. For some time I’ve wanted to make a record with a very traditional feel, a “proper folk record” and this book really helped that along. One way or another all the songs on this record are songs of love, be it tragic, misguided, unrequited or true”. 

More Info about the upcoming release : 

  • Artist Name: Serious Sam Barrett 
  • Resident of: Otley, West Yorkshire, UK 
  • Release Title: The Seeds Of Love 
  • Release Date: 16th September 2021 
  • Label: YaDig! 
  • Musician Names/Instruments: Sam Barrett 
  • Producer Name(s): James Atkinson 
  • Similar/RIYL: Pine Hill Haints, Al Scorch, Can Kickers 
  • Genre(s): Folk 


  • Valentine’s Day 
  • The Wagonner 
  • Every Night Has An Ending 
  • Bushes And Briars 
  • Drowsy Sleeper 
  • Bonny May 
  • The Recruited Collier 
  • Three Ravens 
  • Blow Away The Morning Dew 
  • Was On An April Morning 

 Serious Sam Barrett’s is connected with Yorkshire club:  

“I’ve had some of the most incredible experiences listening to people sing in folk clubs and I was lucky enough to have been brought up on the magical world that is the Yorkshire folk club scene. I hope in some way this record bring to life the wonder I have felt listening to people sing traditional songs in a raw, warts and all style”. 

Stream “The Seeds Of Love” privately via Soundcloud (media only). 

Rewards & Recognition : 

Sponsored by the department of UK trade and investment to perform at SXSW in 2010 

Proof of the pudding:  

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