A Heartfelt Song of Lost Love by Rv Panesar, K9


“Roka” is a sad song by Rv Panesar in K9’s voice. This song is like a trip through love’s good and bad parts. The story is about broken vows and the memories of a love story that once stood strong. The lyrics and music make a powerful story and anyone who has lost his love.

Skilled musicians like Rv and K9’s music feels like magic.  “Roka” is a sad   breakup song that makes you feel things. The song’s beats and bass are like a warm hug, and the words are full of deep meaning. With   beautiful music, this song captures the raw emotions of betrayal and longing, reminding us that even in heartbreak, there’s beauty in expressing our feelings through music.


Kardi C Tareefa Jo Thakdi Na Hun Ohi C Kammiya Ginon Laggi

Jess Pyaar Ch C Mithaas Bdi Osse

Pyaar Ch Zehar Millon Laggi

Kehndi C K9 Naal Raina Tere Okha Ho Gaya

Bda Okha Ho Gaya…

“Roka” is an emotional narrative and the lyrics are like going on an emotional rollercoaster taking the listeners through the happy as well as devastatingly sad times.  


Singer/Lyrics – K9

Music  – Rv Panesar 

Female Lead – Upma Miglani

Video – Taran Bamrah

Edit & Coloring – Taran Bamrah

Mix Master – Rv Panesar

Mua – Upma Miglani 

Poster – Kamal K

Project By – Kamal Arora


Rv Panesar (Ranvir Singh) Throughout his 8-year career in the music industry, Rv Panesar has made a name for himself as a music producer, lyricist, and musician. Now in his upcoming song Roka he has introduced himself as music director, primary artist, and Producer. GrooveNexus Records released a hit with him called “Pta ni Kyo,” his follow-up, “Tere Naalo Sohna,” is much awaited. A rising celebrity is portrayed by Rv Panesar’s commitment to his art and his undying love of music.

Karanjeet Singh (K9) is a multitalented performer who has made a name for himself in the music business. K9 has been a shining star in the music industry for more than 13 years. He is a unique musician in his ability to evoke strong feelings in his listeners through his songs. In his upcoming song Roka, he has introduced himself as a singer, lyricist, composer primary and featuring artist. K9’s life story exemplifies his commitment to creativity.

Upma Miglani the name conjures up ideas of aesthetics, originality, and peak performance. She has been working as a makeup artist for the past five years. And it is her debut in the song Roka as a main female lead.

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