Morgan Page, the king of American Progressive House, is back with a bang. A massive heavy hitter ‘Fire & Gold’ released on Armada Music. Page teamed up with Brit-born producer DJ VIVID, songwriter Damon Sharpe, and singer Allé. Page’s latest single ‘Fire & Gold’ dropped its worldwide release on June 21, 2019.

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It is a progressive-pop style track, produced with Asia-based VIVID; it is written by Damon Sharpe and the vocal come from singer Allé.

‘Fire & Gold,’ undoubtedly, is a divinely crafted Morgan Page production. It brings in to play DJ VIVID who has residencies across Tokyo and Seoul’s biggest clubs like T2 Shibuya, ELE, ColoR, Octagon, The A, and GRID. The track was ornated by the US lyricist Damon Sharpe, who gifts Allé an infectious topliner. With overflowing club energy, thanks to the energetic synths and driving percussion, the t&rack also allows for moments of quality pop bliss, underpinned by warm piano and the gentle husk of Allé’s vocal.

The new single continues Morgan’s sequence of releases with the iconic Armada Music. It came at the same time as the acclaimed producer announced his new Quick Tips Project with OWC. Launched the same day as Fire & Gold, fans can now get their hands on the limited-edition decks of reference cards featuring some of Morgan’s most popular production tips when they purchase one of OWC’s high-end data storage solutions.

More about the music artists

Morgan Page was born Morgan Wolf Page in Burlington, Vermont. He got an early start by interning while in grade school at German record label Plastic City. While attending Champlain Valley Union High School, Morgan became a DJ on the University’s college radio station. Further, Morgan attended Emerson where he produced original songs, remixes, and was station manager at WERS 88.9FM, co-hosting the weekly show Revolutions.

His tracks include “The Longest Road”, “Fight for You,” and “In the Air”. Page received two Grammy Award nominations; a personal nomination for the best remix with Nadia Ali, and in 2009 his song was nominated for the best remix; “The Longest Road” (deadmau5 remix). Page is signed under Nettwerk Records worldwide. Grammy-nominated producer and DJ has racked up hundreds of millions of plays, and charted multiple Billboard, Beatport, and US Dance Radio #1s.

Outside of music, Page’s two main passions are the environment and technology.

DJ VIVID developed his first taste of electronic dance music in the late 80s. VIVID started DJing in the mid-90s in Greensboro, NC, wanting to get more involved. His music tastes soon changed to Techno and House. He also played at Imagine Festival with EDM megastars Deadmau5, Tiesto, and Above & Beyond.

Damon Sharpe, born Damon Jared Reinagle, is a Grammy award-winning record producer and songwriter who first reached notability as a member of Guys Next Door. He has worked with contemporary artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Pitbull, Alesso, Kylie Minogue, etc.

Morgan’s Quick Tips Project:

Additionally, Morgan’s Quick Tips project is his way to pass on his vast wealth of knowledge and experience to an eager audience of musicians and producers, as well as the broader creator community, helping them crack the creativity code and improve their workflow.

MPQT comprises of a series of 750+ short-form tips and 50+ blog post deep-dives available online and in soon-to-be-released physical card sets. Recently Morgan partnered up with technology leader OWC to distribute the cards and connect with creators as a brand ambassador.

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