Más Y Más By Cartoon | Ft. Daniel Levi

Más Y Más By Cartoon Ft. Daniel Levi

Más Y Más by Cartoon dropped on December 31st, 2019. The track is a Spanish version of Cartoon’s ‘On & On’. Speaking of ‘On & On’, it has 315 million views on Youtube, 120 million Spotify streams. The original track was released in 2015 and is the most successful single to come from UK print NCS. Having received such great views and results on ‘On & On’, Más Y Más by Cartoon is bound to see similar success.

About Más Y Más music

Oozing warm keyboards, gently sweeping FX and emphatically pulsating percussion, ‘Más Y Más’ floats out from the speakers like the hypnotic, soft breath of a tropical breeze. Returning to sing the top line is original vocalist Daniel Levi, Whose silken vocal infuses the track yet again with an effortless, sultry heat and an easy, lilting rhythm.

“My first thought when i heard of the possibility of doing a Spanish version was obviously “Can i pull this off?”” Levi admitted. “My knowledge of the spanish language goes as far as i have reached in my language learning app: “Yo como una manzana. But once we started recording i realised how beautifl this song sounds in spanish and what a fresh vibe it brings to the track.”

Reason for NCS to re-issue Más Y Más in Spanish

With over 400 million people around the world counting Spanish as their first language, it is second only to Chinese as the planet’s most populous tongue. The Latin music market stretches across North and South America and into Europe, and tracks like Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ and J Balvin’s ‘Mi Gente’ have Dominated international charts in recent years.

Indeed in its original format, ‘On & On’ saw its biggest listening figures coming from the States, Brazil, and Mexico. For NCS to re-issue the song in Spanish was, therefore, an absolute no-brainer for label bosses:

What did NCS have to say about the track?

“We wanted to give something back to the million of listeners who love the original so they can correct with the track in their mother-tongue. We’re beyond excited to share it with the world. This is a first for NCS as we look to grow and expand into different territories.”

Download | Stream Album: ncs.io/CMasYMas

The story of ‘On & On’ {NCS Documentary}

“Look mom, they made a documentary about us! To be honest this all still seems quite unbelievable. Just a few years ago we wouldn’t have guessed even in our wildest dreams that we’d have so much love and support from you guys. To celebrate this we thought we’d let you into our lives and tell you a little bit about our journey. We like you, more than friends. Thanks everybody from the bottom of our hearts! Stay tuned for new music. Also the first person to tell us the exact moment where Joosep is in his underwear in the doc gets a secret prize.”

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