“Laut Ke Aana” by Sarit Dutta! –  Experience the magic of love and separation 

Laut k Aana

“Laut Ke Aana” by Sarit Dutta is a romantic album filled with melancholy.  This song is releasing on 7th July screening live on the official YouTube channel – GrooveNexus Records Moreover, the song revolves around a perfect couple’s story who get separated for reasons unknown. It paints a picture of longing for a lost love and conveys a feeling of nostalgia for a time that can never be relived. 

“Tera chehra meri nazron ne  

Chhupaye rakha hain  

Sine mein mere raj ye  

Sabse dabaye rakha hain” 

The lyrics are poetic and will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced heartache. The album is a testament to Sarit Dutta’s musical genius and will surely stay in the hearts of listeners for years to come.  

Unveiling the Talented Artists: 

Sarit Dutta is a talented musician and singer. Sarit has been in the music industry for more than seven years now, and he has carved a niche for himself with numerous non-film albums. Some of his song albums have had more than 5 million views. Sarit looks forward hopefully with the intent of creating new art pieces in the form of songs. Meanwhile, he is also working for his official channel and various other music labels.  To Sarit “Laut Ke Aana” reflects his musical journey.  

Dr. Uma Naveen Mehta has been writing poems and lyrics for a very long period. And has a good number of popular songs/ Bhajans named after him. Numerous books of poems/ bhajans have been published.  

Says Mehta on working with Sarit Dutta: 

“We have been associated with Sarit Da and writing any song for his production is always special. He is a perfectionist and likes experiments as well. So, when it comes to writing a song like “Laut Ke Aana” expectations are very high. We tried to write from the perspective of an optimistic love-lorn lover.” 

Journey of the Song “Laut Ke Aana”:

The song “Laut Ke Aana” has a unique theme that mixes sadness and love. The song tells the story of a couple who have their ups and downs but still love each other very much. Together with the talented lyricist Dr. Uma Naveen Mehta, Sarit Dutta created a song that expresses the man’s hope in response to this tale. The song beautifully shows the idea that love will win out in the end and that the lovers will be back together. “Laut Ke Aana” is a song about love that lasts forever and the hope of a happy union. The song took approximately 2 months to be presented to the listeners.  

Quoting the artists: 

Sarit Dutta: Music Production, Composition and Singing 

“Love conquers all and so this lover will also attain his true love ad this song very aptly reflects this.”   

 Dr Uma Naveen Mehta: Lyricist  

“Eternal love never dies. For the time being lover and beloved are not together but soon they will be united as expects the love lorn male character in the song.”   

Credits for the Album “Laut Ke Aana” :

Song: “Laut Ke Aana” 

Singer: Sarit Dutta 

Music Composer: Sarit Dutta 

Lyrics: Dr Uma Naveen Mehta 

Music Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Sarit Dutta at Rivertone Studio 

These skilled artists have made the beautiful song “Laut Ke Aana” by making the best use of their skills, knowledge, and emotions. Sarit Dutta’s mastery of vocals is reflected in this treasured piece. Also, his music production, mixing, and finishing at Rivertone Studio, has brought the song to life. Dr. Uma Naveen Mehta has done complete justice with the lyrics.   

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