“Kudi Mainu Kendi” by Traxeon and AVin featuring DJ Himanshu Mishra releases on GrooveNexus Records

kudi mainu kendi

GrooveNexus will release “Kudi Mainu Kendi” on June 30, 2023. A native Punjabi Rapper and lyricist, AVin, collaborated on this masterpiece with Traxeon, A DJ, music producer, singer, and composer.  

“Kudi Mainu Kendi” is about being young, in love, and having fun. This song will make the listeners happy and excited, whether at a party or just listening to music for fun.  

Kudi mainu kendi na na   

Aja mere naal tu nacch le  

Patiyala shot tu chakk le   

Desi daaru wale mundey  

Rajjde ni shot shoot to 

Paawe shot taquila Tera husan vanilla. 

“Kudi Mainu Kendi” presents a vivid image of an intriguing tale: it is of the young age, the jolliness, courtship and of friendship. One among two friends in a club, that is, Traxeon gets attracted to a girl surrounded by her friends on the dance floor. DJ Himanshu Mishra, the friend, is a good listener and shares a piece of advice with him. Stay updated on GrooveNexus Records to know what happens further. Did the advice help and what was it? 

Journey of the Song 

“Kudi Mainu Kendi” started when AVin went to Traxeon’s studio to record lyrics for their previous hit song, “Ankhein Nasheeli.” Inspired by their chemistry together and the success of their past projects, Traxeon suggested they write a piece of music that would get people dancing at parties and bars.  

The team overcame several obstacles to make “Kudi Mainu Kendi” possible. AVin said it took him a week to find the right inspiration to write the song. The two memorable hits “Kudi Mainu Kendi” and “Jutti Le De Soneya” struck his mind while driving and thus, he got his inspiration. He finished this song in just three days. The rap part took an extra week as it had to be catchier.  

Know Team Kudi Mainu Kendi 

Singer – Traxeon  

Rapper – AVin  

Lyrics – AVin  

Composition – AVin and Traxeon  

Music – Traxeon Guitars – Rythm Chords (Mukul)  

Mix & Master – Traxeon 

Featuring – Shaifali, DJ Himanshu Mishra, Traxeon & AVin  

Director – Dishant Aggarwal 

DOP – Abhishek & Lucky 

The song “Kudi Mainu Kendi” is written and produced by AVin and Traxeon, featuring Traxeon as a singer and AVin as the rapper and lyricist. Traxeon oversees the entire production process, from playing the guitar through mixing and mastering. In addition, the song features guest artists Shaifali, DJ Himanshu Mishra, Traxeon, and AVin. Dishant Aggarwal directed the music video, while the directors of photography (DOPs) were Abhishek and Lucky. They have collaborated on an engaging and entertaining song.  

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