Korey Nain: An Unconventional Classic and Rap Fusion

korey nain

सबसे कोरा होए जियारवा

ओ से कोरे नैन

दोनो मिल के रास रचाएं

ले बीतें सुख चैन

ले बीते सुख चैन

Korey Nain

Sabse kora hoe jiyaarwa
O se kore nain
Dono mil ke raas rachaaen
Le beetein sukh chain (X2)

Korey Nain

With such captivating lyrics, the upcoming song Korey Nain blends classic and rap. Rapchari and Azensha are breaking new ground in the music industry. Their latest release, Korey Nain is challenging the stereotypes associated with eyes in popular music. They advocate for their innocence and highlight their inability to deceive as words can.  

“Korey Nain” is a unique Jugalbandi (fusion) of two different schools of thought and music genres. Rapchari, known for his raps and association with GrooveNexus; Azensha, a talented singer, come up together to create a one-of-a-kind musical experience. The song’s rap portion continues the tradition of criticizing the eyes, while the thumri stands firmly in support of their naivety and the purity of the heart. 

The artists behind “Korey Nain” are:  

  • Rapchari: A gifted rapper and self-taught musician from Lucknow, known for his diverse range of musical genres and powerful lyrics.  
  • Azensha: A skilled singer and collaborator who brings her classic touch to the fusion, adding depth and melody to the composition. 

The creative team responsible for “Korey Nain” includes: 

  • Lyrics: Rapchari and Azensha 
  • Music: Traxeon and Mukul 
  • Composer: Traxeon, Rapchari, and Azensha 
  • Guitar: Mukul 
Read the complete article to know how the video of this song will take you back to ‘Kesariya Tera’ days and multiple scenes of the Bollywood movie Brahmastra.   

Shayari from Rapchaari:  

“Ek sher aapke Nazar par, 

Neend udd Jaye Jo bas dekh le wo nazar bhar 

Khub nahi vo zabardast, door khadi magarmach 

Wo khoon se hai bekhabar fir phool rakhti kabra par” 

Rapchari’s creative process is rooted in personal observations and experiences. His verse represents the struggles and challenges those who hustle in life face. Through his music, Rapchari expresses his emotions and opinions, sharing his love for the people and his commitment to addressing societal issues.  

Korey Nain is a testament to the power of music to inspire and uplift. Its success is a testament to the impact of Rapchari’s unique rap style and compelling lyrics, which resonate with audiences across different demographics. The song transcends boundaries and fosters self-expression, allowing individuals to freely convey their thoughts and emotions without fear of judgement or persecution. 

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Indie music, which celebrates creativity and originality, is gaining recognition worldwide. It has become an integral part of the music industry and deserves our support. The setting of this video is shot at one of the oldest known famous cities in the world. Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel GrooveNexus Records to explore the city through the artist’s eye on 19th May! Korey Nain’s audio song is now available on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, Jiosaavn, iTunes, and Gaana.   

Korey Nain is Rapchari’s second association with GrooveNexus, Fly High remains the first release.

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