King AP’s Debut Album Streaming Worldwide

King AP’s Debut Album Streaming Worldwide

KingAP aka Arpit Verma is a 21-year-old lyricist, singer and rapper from Lucknow. Being a fan of rap music from a very young age, he was influenced by many Indian rappers like Honey Singh and thought of giving it a try. He finally wrote some songs and made his friends listen to them. He was then encouraged by his friends to pursue music and build a career in this field. In 2016, he started writing songs and made his first dummy composition with proper lyrics, ‘Guzarish’.

‘International Love’ was one of his very first international collab with music artist Xhea and Dogle track with his teammate Yuva. KingAP also made some rap covers like ‘Bekhayali’, Yeh ‘Dooriyan’ which were sung by Rohit Pandey and ‘Pachtaoge’ sung by Abhyudhay Singh in which KingAP performed a rap.

King AP met Traxeon in 2019 and they did some original tracks and rap covers after which KingAP expressed his desire that he wanted Traxeon to produce one of his songs. Traxeon then produced music and the singer was Rohit Pandey along with King AP’s powerful rap.

Traxeon has been a very important part of his musical journey as he has produced many of his songs like Sacchi Bewafayi, Crush, Purani Baatein etc. Anjaam was one his first single which Youtuber Afaik also gave a shoutout.

He then started working on his new track Insane after which the world got hit by the pandemic. Despite that, he relentlessly worked on his new album ‘2K16’ along with Traxeon and finished it by March 2021.

His debut album ‘2K16’, released on 24th August, 2021 under GrooveNexus Records, has eight songs with each of the songs has its own essence and all the songs are connected in a beautiful storyline. The album portrays an incomplete love story of a boy and a girl, where the boy wants to confess his feelings for the girl but is unable to do so due to some misunderstandings and they get further apart. Each of the songs depicts different phases of unrequited love and the pain that comes with it.

The album ‘2k16’ features three artists, Rohit Pandey, Harshita Baranwal and Neha Rawat along with a lyricist Abhimanyu, who has co-written three songs, Ek Shaam, Naseeb and Khayal in collaboration with KingAP. All the songs in the album are produced by Traxeon himself.

The album contains four romantic numbers ‘Guzarish’, ‘Insane’, ‘Naseeb’ and ‘Ek Shaam’ along with ‘Kyu Iss Tarah’, ‘Khayal’, ‘Yaadein Teri’ and ‘Laut Aao’ which are sad numbers.

KingAP insta handle – @itskingap

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