Kehta Hai by Soumitra Das: A Tale of Love and Loss

Kehta Hai

Soumitra Das, the exceptionally talented singer and music producer, is set to release his song, Kehta Hai. Additionally, this soul-stirring composition takes listeners on an emotional journey through heartbreak and the longing for lost love. With its lyrics and storytelling, Kehta Hai captures the essence of the human experience, offering solace to those who have felt the anguish of a shattered romance.

The inspiration behind Kehta Hai stemmed from a deeply personal place in Soumitra’s heart. In a melancholic tune, Kehta Hai delves into the deep emotions and lasting sadness that follow a heart-wrenching breakup. The lyrics vividly describe the yearning for reconciliation while acknowledging the difficulties of moving on. It is a beautiful composition that resonates with anyone who has experienced the aftermath of a significant romantic loss. It captures the delicate balance between holding onto cherished memories and desperately desiring the return of a lost love.

Rap Inclusion in the Song:

In collaboration with talented rapper Rishab Sachan, Soumitra has created a seamless fusion of soulful vocals and heartfelt rap verses. Also, his contribution adds a unique flavour to the song, enhancing its emotional depth and captivating contrast. Together, they have crafted a truly remarkable art piece showcasing their exceptional talent and musical synergy.

Kehta Hai showcases the singer’s extraordinary dedication to his craft. Music has been an integral part of his life, and his journey started with a deep appreciation for Tabla and Hindustani classical music. However, with time he ventured into composing his music and honed his skills in music production, meticulously refining each musical creation. His unwavering determination and commitment to his vocation have shaped him into a promising artist on the rise.

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Meet the Team Kehta Hai:

Song name – Kehta Hai
Singer – Soumitra Das
Rapper – Soumitra Das
Lyrics – Soumitra Das & Rishab Sachan
Music Producer – Soumitra Das
Composer – Soumitra Das

About Soumitra Das:

Soumitra Das is a highly talented singer, music producer, and composer known for his soul-stirring compositions. His passion for music was nurtured by his parents’ unwavering support and their deep appreciation for the art form. Also, with his exceptional vocal prowess and dedication to his craft, Soumitra continues to captivate audiences and forge an unbreakable connection to the transformative power of music. Through his heartfelt melodies, he aims to touch the hearts of listeners worldwide.

About Rishabh Sachan:

Rishab Sachan is a gifted rapper who contributed his lyrical prowess to Kehta Hai. His collaboration with Soumitra Das has added a unique and compelling dimension to the song, enhancing its emotional depth and resonance. Also, with a diverse musical background spanning multiple genres, Rishabh’s talent and passion shine through in his heartfelt rap verses.

About GrooveNexus:

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