KefiNama to release new music in 2022!

NameVandit Sharma
Stage nameKefiNama
LocationFaridabad, Haryana
DOB15th October, 1997
Occupation(s)Cyber Security Consultant
Years active2020-present
Social linksyoutube icon 100688846 large Not Find twitter

KefiNama aka Vandit Sharma who is an engineer by profession but holds a strong passion for music. He says, music has always been a part of his childhood and he has been playing guitar since he was very young. Although, music has always been a part of his life but he never pursued it until recently. When Covid-19 pandemic hit the world and everything took a backseat, he got the time to channelize his thoughts and emotions. He then realized that he can put his feeling and emotions in a song and portray his thoughts via music.

This budding music artist prefer being called Kefi and apart from music, he loves to travel and document his travels into vlogs. He uploads his vlogs on the same channel where his uploads his original music. He is even fond of Basketball and growing up he wanted to make it to NBA. According to him, the main reason for making music is to introspect what he’s feeling and putting it into words. Music comes naturally out of it.

Initially when he had no idea about the nitty-gritties of making a song from scratch, there were people around him who helped him figure things out. And now even after making a few songs, he still wouldn’t call himself a musician. He is just an artist who has just begun.

KefiNama 1

The very first song he wrote was Dooriyan in collaboration with “B-Leaf”. It was his very first attempt at making his own music. Post that, he made two more songs; Ladta Hoon and Zindagi. Both inspired from his real life and things happening around him. He even released a raw version of Dooriyan later. He writes and composes his own songs and for production, he collaborates with other producers. For his song Zindagi, he collaborated with his producer friend Larry Lobo.

He is currently exploring a new genre and will be coming up with some new music in 2022. He has been working on some travel songs and some romantic love songs, both in English and Hindi. These songs are based on his real-life experiences and incidents so people will definitely be able to relate to these new bangers.

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