The Punjabi Party Anthem, Kale Kale Nain, is out now!

kale kale nain

The much-awaited Punjabi track song ‘Kale Kale Nain’ by the talented Hunny Chauhan is now available for enjoyment and pleasure. Seamlessly blending a captivating narrative with a freestyle theme, this musical masterpiece is full of a party vibe. 

About the Artist:

Hunny Chauhan, is one of the creative force behind ‘Kale Kale Nain,’ whose songs dominated the charts. Hunny’s musical expertise continues with successes such as “Aadhe Seb Ka Phone,” “Dhara 302″,”Tora”, “Jail” and many more. 

Hunny Chauhan, the talented artist, expressed her passion for music, stating, “Music is a huge part of my life, and it helps define who I am as a person. Without music, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish many things that I am very proud of. I started singing and writing in 2017. I want to keep it.” 

In addition to lending his soulful vocal, Jeet Jaicker has also contributed as a lyricist, producer, and actor to ‘Kale Kale Nain. ‘The versatile talent of Jeet, whose collection includes songs such as “Danka,” “Chhori Nikli Road P,” and “Coka,”shines vividly in this party anthem. 

Mayank Soni, a talented rapper, who added the finishing musical thrive to “Kale Kale Nain.” Mayank’s collaboration with Soni’s Records guarantees a unique musical experience, known for his renowned works “Radha Vallabas,” “Chhori Nikli Road P,” and “Keshav Nand.” 

The soulful vocals of Manmeet Singh Arora grace this Punjabi sensation. With his melodious renditions in tracks like “Nii Fat Fat” and “Keshav Nand,” Manmeet’s voice adds depth and resonance to ‘Kale Kale Nain,’ making it a true musical delight. 


  • Song – Kale Kale Nain   
  • Singer – Manmeet Singh Arora, Jeet Jaicker   
  • Lyrics and Composition – Jeet Jaicker   
  • Rap -Mayank Soni   
  • Co-artist – Krishna Thakur   
  • Female lead – Hunny Chauhan, Minni   
  • Music – Soni’s records   
  • Direction – Lukka, Ednitworld   
  • DOP – Ednitword, Lukka   
  • Edit and DI – Ednitword   
  • Label – GrooveNexus Records   
  • Producer – Jeet Jaicker, Aashish Agrawal   
  • Co-producer – Krishna Thakur   
  • Dance Group – Atul and Riya   
  • Make-up – Neha Arora  

“Kale Kale Nain” is a powerful Punjabi party song that sets the mood for a party you’ll never forget. The song’s pulsing beats, catchy rhythms, and upbeat lyrics make it feel like a party right away and make everyone want to get on the dance floor. 

 The song’s charm comes from its catchy words and rap, which make it an excellent track for parties and other celebrations. The song is full of joy and excitement thanks to how the voices of Manmeet Singh Arora and Jeet Jaicker work together. 

 Mayank Soni’s rap adds another layer of energy. Soni’s Records’ high-energy music provides the perfect background for the celebrations, ensuring that ‘Kale Kale Nain’ is the life of every party. Get ready to get lost in the excitement of this Punjabi party song and dance the night away with more energy and joy than you’ve ever felt before. 

“Kale Kale Nain” has been released and is available on the official YouTube channel of GrooveNexus Records. 

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