The Wait is Over! The Biggest Rap Song of all Year, “Zone,” is about to be Released.

Zone new song

Get ready for Jordan, Swattrex, and Alvin Jax’s new song, “ZONE.” They recently announced their new song, “ZONE.” The singers also confirmed the song’s release date on January 28, 2022, on GrooveNexus Record. “Zone” is a rap song that has been launched for music fans. The artist has put all his efforts into writing this song. With some 33 independent songs released to date, Jordan is full of talent, versatility, and sheer hard work. His tireless energy, positivity, and drive were never going to allow him to settle for anything other than the best work. 

Alvin Jax is a 22-year-old producer from Kolkata who makes EDM and Indian traps. He started music at the age of 14. He followed many DJs and artists like – Armin Van Buren, Martin Garrix, and many more he started producing from Progressive House and bigroon, and currently, he switched to Indian Trap. His “Samsara” was a pure Indian trap and famous. Swatej Agrawal, popularly known by his stage name, Swattrex, is a music producer and DJ from New Delhi, India. With more than 55 + tracks released till now, he has crossed over 21 million streams independently on multiple music platforms. 

Jordan has fashioned a sensational, fizzing single ‘Zone’ to be released soon on GrooveNexus Record. He wrote the song by himself by using his knack for writing. Jordan and Swattrex sing it. Jordan met Swattrex in 2019; they started making some original tracks and rap covers together and completed their first song together, ‘Zone.’ The song’s music is by Alvin Jax. Jordan also shared his journey and struggle; he got emotional and described the challenges he faced in the initial stage. He also mentioned how family and friends helped him to fulfill his dream. Moreover, he is very thankful to his fans and god for blessing and loving him in every situation.  

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