DoubLe-S drops a Haryanvi Hip-Hop Single “JAIL” on GrooveNexus Records!

jail by double-s

The music industry is ablaze with excitement as rising artist Manish Semwal, known as DoubLe-S, unleashes his latest urban Haryanvi hip-hop sensation, “JAIL.” This electrifying track is expected to make waves for its infectious beats and enjoyable lyrics that are captivating audiences worldwide on GrooveNeux It’s a song that celebrates the joy of life in an urban Haryanvi style, and it’s quickly becoming the anthem of the season.

“JAIL” is all about embracing life and enjoying every moment to the fullest. While there may not be a hidden backstory to the song, its theme perfectly encapsulates what people are craving in music today – groovy vibes and an irresistible rhythm.

DoubLe-S, the creative force behind “JAIL,” shared his insights into the song’s creation process. “Our team sat together before creating ‘JAIL’ and analyzed the current trends and what people truly enjoy. We wanted to craft something that would make everyone dance and have a great time. We believe ‘JAIL’ is precisely what people are asking for – a blend of a captivating story and captivating music.”

The song has a huge potential to receive a tremendous response, with listeners finding themselves unable to resist the urge to dance and groove to its infectious beats.

In the words of the artists, “I can only say that whoever has listened to the song is just in a mode of enjoying the context and groove to the beat that literally makes your head bang and tap your feet. Overall, it’s a very positive response from all the artists.”

DoubLe-S: With a musical journey that spans over a decade since 2010, DoubLe-S has dedicated their life to music. They have worked tirelessly on numerous songs in various genres and formats, showcasing their commitment to versatility and the art of music. DoubLe-S is unwavering in their pursuit of musical dreams and continues to pour their heart and soul into each creation.

This track not only showcases the artist’s musical prowess but also demonstrates the power of music to unite people across linguistic and cultural divides.

“JAIL” Credits:

  • Song Name: JAIL
  • Singer:  DoubLe-S
  • Genre: Urban Haryanvi Hip-Hop
  • Lyricist: LYTT
  • Composer: DoubLe-S
  • Music Director: D18 Studios
  • Producer: DoubLe-S (Manish Semwal)

“JAIL” is all about delivering what people love and enjoy in today’s music landscape. It’s a peppy, high-energy song with groovy beats and lyrics that resonate with anyone who’s ever chased after their heart’s desire in an urban Haryanvi style. The song encapsulates the spirit of enjoying life to the fullest, making it a must-listen for music enthusiasts.

Listeners can experience the magic of “Jail” on streaming platforms now and dive into a world where music knows no language barriers. This release promises to be a highlight of the year, resonating with music lovers of all backgrounds.

Here are some of the catchy lyrics from the song “JAIL” to give you a taste of its urban Haryanvi hip-hop vibe:

Re tera roop re teri chaal

Chati pe chadke kare bawaal

Keher tu dhawegi

Dil ki qatil se re chori..JAIL KARWAWEGI


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