“Ishq” – A Harmonious Fusion of Hip-Hop and Sufi Romance 



Sky Verma and Javed Sayeed’s latest masterwork, “Ishq,” is releasing on GrooveNexus this November 7th. As the two talented performers join forces to capture the world with their music, this collaboration promises to be an exciting blend of Hip-Hop and Sufi Romance.  

Inspired by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan 

Every great song begins with a spark of inspiration, a spark that fires an artist’s creative imagination. For “Ishq,” this moment took the form of a desire to build a harmonic blend of previously unexplored music genres. Sky Verma, the artistic genius behind “Ishq,” shares, “I was just thinking about a mixture of music genres. So, I decided, let’s make Hip-Hop with Sufi Romantic elements.” Drawing inspiration from the soulful melodies of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sky Verma embarked on a musical journey that would redefine the boundaries of creativity. 

Background Story / Context / Theme 

“Ishq” is more than simply a song; it’s a creative collaboration that describes the essence of love and desire. Sky Verma, his friend Javed Sayeed, and the renowned composer of melodies, Piyush Verma, were all engaged in the song’s creation. Their collective project revolves around one core theme: love. The song conveys universal feelings that appeal with listeners of all ages, taking them on an emotional romantic journey with its verses and harmonies. 

 In the Artist’s Words: 

“If you build it, they will come.”  by Sky Verma reflects the idea that when you put a significant amount of effort or dedication into something, whether creating art or pursuing any plan, the universe tends to reciprocate with an even more excellent outcome. In essence, it emphasizes that hard work and dedication often lead to success, attracting opportunities and results beyond what you initially put in. It’s a motivational message encouraging individuals to invest their best efforts as the universe responds positively to sincere endeavours. 

Lyrics of the Song: 

tujhko dekha tujpe ab marne lga hu mein 

isq visk wali bate krne lga hu mein 

darta hu apni hi shayari se 

bharta rhta hu apni diary mein.. 


The collaboration behind “Ishq” brings together a team of talented individuals who breathed life into the song: 

  • Artists: Sky Verma, Javed Sayeed 
  • Lyrics: Sky Verma, Sohaib Alvi 
  • Music: Piyush Verma 
  • Director of Photography (D.O.P): MD Crous 
  • Director: Piyush Verma 
  • Producer: Meenakshi Marwah 
  • Production: Walk to Web Media House 
  • Featuring: Sky Verma ft. Isha Chaudhary 

Know the Artists:  

Sky Verma, a talented rapper and singer from Ghaziabad, confidently brings fresh air to the music scene. From his humble beginnings in a middle-class family, he has transformed into a versatile artist exploring a range of Hip-Hop sub-genres. Beyond being merely a musician, Sky Verma is an exceptional performer who has showcased his talent on the stage through 40 video songs and a web album. Unyielding in his ambition, he now sets his sights on conquering the web series world with his upcoming production, “Charas Bazar,” for OTT platforms like Jio Cinema and MX Player. This endeavour decisively demonstrates that his creative journey knows no limits. 

Isha Chaudhary, a rising star in the world of modelling, has garnered a plethora of awards and titles that highlight her exceptional talent. Beyond her modelling achievements, Isha has ventured into the world of vines and entertainment. Her collaboration with Sky Verma in   “Ishq” adds a new dimension to her blossoming career, reflecting the diverse and creative aspects of her artistic journey. 


“Innovation is the driving force in the world of music, and ‘Ishq’ symbolizes that spirit. “This fusion of Hip-Hop and Sufi Romance, crafted by the talents of Sky Verma, Javed Sayeed, Piyush Verma, and Isha Chaudhary, is a musical journey set to captivate the hearts of audiences worldwide. Allow ‘Ishq’ to delight your senses and transfer you to a universe where music surpasses genres and boundaries.” 

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